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Advice on Painting Wood Shutters

Advice on Painting Wood Shutters
House shutters provide an exceptional curve appeal that can come in handy if you’re ever going to try and sell. This is especially true of wood shutters. However, outside of aesthetics shutters need attention every few years as they are prone to damage from constantly being exposed to the elements whether wind, rain, or shine.
A good time to paint wood shutters is when you are painting your home. Either way, if you’re just painting the shutters here’s some tips on how to get the job done.
Tools: sand paper, outdoor latex or oil paint depending on what was previously used, wood horses (for propping up shutters during painting), paint brushes, paint pan, a sponge, dish detergent and water, a ladder. NOTE: When using a ladder its best to have someone assist you, especially if you are carrying the shutters down from a second story window. Also, you may need other items if repairs are necessary. These may include a paint scraper, wood filler, and primer.
1. Remove the shutters from the house. It’s a good idea to remove them all at once and plan to paint them together as this will save time. If you go in this direction make sure you mark which window they came from and which side, as some may have ‘settled’ differently than others and only fit back in their original spot.
2. Assess the shutters and make repairs:
• Use a paint scraper to remove chipped or pealing paint.
• Test if any part of the shutter is rotting.
• If so clean out the rotting wood and purchase a product at your local hardware store and follow instructions for filling the hole.
• Lightly sand of the rest of the shutter, which will give the top coat of paint better sticking power. There are products on the market that will do the same thing as sanding but with less effort.