The Art of Indonesian Culture Globally

Indonesia has a diverse ethnicity, recorded more than 1430 tribes according to 2010 census data. This makes Indonesia rich in diversity and art. Each tribe has its own trademark and also has different art in each tribe. This is an attraction for foreign tourists. In addition to making culture and …

Beautiful Poetry Writing Tips for Beginner

Often students get the job of writing beautiful poetry. But it turns out to create one of the most beautiful forms of writing is not as easy as they imagine. Want to know the tips for writing the written poetry? Check out some of the following!


Define the Poetry you


Beginning with the West and Central African cultures, this course traces the artistic explorations and achievements of African-American artists from the seventeenth-century artisans through the prolific period of the Harlem Renaissance to post modern and modern effective arts. African American Art By Richard Powell (excerpted from AFRICANA: THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF …


View our large gallery of unique paintings on the market, available in a variety of styles. We purchased 4 images by Klaus Kampert on Artistics. The Artistics staff very quickly understood our needs and had been able to identify and choose some very gifted artists for us. I used to …

Summary Painting

Want to learn to paint abstract artwork in acrylics? A view of how his style developed over the years is an enchanting have a look at the movement as he progressed from representational to pure abstract art. A style of painting adopted by some French artists from the 1940s, involving …

New-born Photographer, Worth Every Penny

You should consider a newborn photography session if you expect a new baby. This type of session usually lasts between two and four hours. A newborn photographer, Dallas worth, is an excellent choice if you want beautiful pictures of your new arrival. There are several photography sessions. 

New-born photographers often