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Projector Screen Tinted Primer – Projection Screen Paint – Is it Right For You?

Projector Screen Tinted Primer – Projection Screen Paint – Is it Right For You?
Projector screen tinted primer is one of the choices available if you are building your home theater. I will get into some of the advantages of tinted primer vs. other DIY projector screen types. Primarily these include gain, durability, and cost.
Make Sure The Paint Will Provide A Suitable Amount Of Brightness Gain
One of the key disadvantages of projector screen tinted primer is that it can be difficult to determine how much brightness gain you will be getting from the screen. A quality commercial screen should have a good amount of gain, and give a bright picture. Painting your own screen can have mixed results. Sometimes even if using one of the commonly recommended paints it is possible for the manufacturer to have changed the formula and another user will not receive the same results. This can be avoided by choosing one of the specific name brands in projector screen paint, as they will tend to have the same manufacturing quality. All this being said, projection screen paint should have considerably more gain than any regular white paint. Be sure to check around for reviews, or ask in forums to make sure that the gain from the paint will be satisfactory. It is not uncommon for regular white paint to be rebranded as projection screen paint.
Be Sure To Keep The Projection Wall Hands Free
Another key disadvantage of using a painted projector screen is that of durability. If there are any touch marks on the screen this will have to be taken care of. If you read the online forums where home theater enthusiasts actively paint their own screens. It seems as if every couple of months they are trying a new solution, either because things just do not look as good, or they perceive things not looking as good as before. With a good quality non-painted screen you are typically assured of more lasting quality. I would certainly not recommend a painted screen in an area that kids will frequent as it will not last long.
Factor In All Concerns When Calculating Price
Cost is the major benefit when using a painted screen. It is possible for a top end non-painted screen to cost thousands of dollars. You do need to consider the time required to paint the screen yourself, and as stated above painted screen owners often seem to be re-painting their screens, and trying new types of paint. You will have to make a decision as to the value of your time, and the stress of finding some good projector screen tinted primer.