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Common Car Paint Problems – Environmental Contaminants

Common Car Paint Problems – Environmental Contaminants
In this piece we discuss the different kinds of environmental contaminants that you car can get exposed to. Read more about them to increase your awareness and help your car’s paint last for as long as it can.
Bird Droppings
Bird droppings damage your paint because of their acidic nature. This has a tendency to eat through the clear coat and on to the paint’s primer. Leaving bird droppings on your vehicle’s paint will allow it to etch out more damage.
Road Tar
Driving your car around will inevitably expose it to all kinds of particles that stick to your paint. This includes asphalt, filth, exhaust emissions from other cars and even tire rubber bits. This stuff is almost impossible to remove through washing alone. The lower half of your car will show the most damage often making the paint coarse and rough to the touch.
Tree Sap
If you park near trees to shade your vehicle then you will notice that once in a while you get tree saps along with little insects. They are one of the hardest contaminants to remove in a car’s finish. A rubbing compound can help you with tree sap removal
A build up of dust forms a cake around your car as soon as it gets moisture. This can be difficult to remove once it has set itself in layers and dries. The most common source of cobweb scratches in cars are little dust particles (which have solidified) going through the surface when you wipe a dirty car.