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Why Abstract Art Is So Popular

Why Abstract Art Is So Popular
Abstract art is a great style in which artists who are seeking to explore or take their art in a new direction may enjoy. Abstract art allows for unlimited and unstructured freedom, that being said some find this style and state of mind easy to achieve while others may find it daunting or too open ended. Do abstract paintings sell well? The truth is that they do sell well and they are a very popular type of art in contemporary culture today.
Why is abstract art so popular anyway?
Abstract art is popular for many reasons a few being, it is perceived to be popular, meaning that because people believe it is popular, abstract art has actually risen in popularity. The second reason is that it is very open to interpretation which makes it excellent art for placing in a public office or other space where many people will see it because it is hard to be offended by something abstract. And lastly it is very easy to decorate with because it can often be used in many different spaces and situations without clashing with the owner of the space or their other pre-existing decorations and furniture. This is simply not the case with almost all other styles of art because unlike works done in more traditional styles, abstract paintings are not limited by any particular form or function and thus have a wider range of interpretation and influence on the area where they are placed.
Abstract paintings come in as many forms as they do colors; some are created with carefully placed brush strokes which then depict strange and interesting forms and lines, and still others are created by haphazard applications of paint to canvas. In both cases it is often possible to feel the intent and emotion of the artist who created the piece. But even if you only feel your own emotions when you see a piece of abstract art you are still experiencing the abstract painting as the artist intended. Abstract art is created and sent out into the world in hopes that people will see it, stop, and think. What you think about is entirely up to you, but as long as you feel something you are off to a great start!
The true beauty in abstract art is that you have no need to know anything about the piece except that it inspires you or moves you to feel a strong emotion. The background of the artist is not necessarily as important in this case as it would be for an older classical painting where you need to understand the time period in order to understand the art. All you need to be concerned with is where you will display the art!