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Beneficial Painting Suggestions

Beneficial Painting Suggestions
The difference between a professional painter and you might be the amount of time that it takes to accomplish this project plus the clean up. You can do an excellent job; merely take your time and all will be stunning. It will be necessary to do some preparation work before you actually grab a brush, and the time spent will be well worth the efforts. You may be painting a new surface or maybe a prepared old surface, either one you will need to apply a prime coat prior to the finish coat. The two types of primer are latex (water base) and alkyd (oil base). You need to use the same primer base as the new paint or what is on the existing surface. Everyone will definitely insist that you just paid a professional to do the job.
Here are some tips for you:
Wait until your ready to commence paint before you buy your paint. You want it to be fresh and very well mixed.
By using aluminum foil or maybe a plastic bag, line the bottom of your roller pan for less difficult cleaning along with a longer life.
After you have washed your brush, insert them in a plastic bag and save them in your freezer; this will keep them fluffy and handy for the next project.
Use a heavy duty rubber band to place all around your paint can to drag your brush on top of to prevent sloppy drips.