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Original Oil Paintings Have Been Lost But Never Forgotten

Original Oil Paintings Have Been Lost But Never Forgotten
Oil painting is known as an form of art that traces back centuries and was used as a means of decoration for such things as famous estates, castles and also the home of some commoners. Many very famous artist of their time used oil painting to help capture scenes throughout history, politics, religion and art. So many of these original oil paintings can be seen to this day in hundreds of museums around the globe.
It is said that oil painting has sadly become an art that was lost in time and a true skillful artist who is well versed with oil painting techniques is not really as common. Anyone can oil paint no matter if the person has education, experience or has any skill or not.
Long before cameras were invented people would pay an artist to paint a portrait of someone for a wedding anniversary gift, a birthday or as any unique gift for just about any other special occasion. With this type of painting it required a person to sit for many hours as the artist would then try to capture a scene as good as possible. The process proved to be quite tiresome for both the artist and the subject of the portrait.
European painters during the 15th century were the ones who were credited for the invention of painting on wooden panels with oil media. Also during the 15th century oil was made the painting medium along with exploring several uses of glazes and layers which was then followed by many others in Northern Europe.
Most paintings back then were on wood and it was at the end of the 15th century that the canvas became much more popular. It was less expensive and easier to carry around. The popularity of this type of painting began to spread as it went on through Italy in the north, with Venice during the late 15th century and by the year 1540 the older method of painting on a panel with tempera became extinct, no one really used it except for the Italians who did continue to use fresco for many wall paintings.
With modern technology portrait painting was nearly obliterated any need for sitting in the same position for several hours at a time. The newer digital age of art that you see today has gone on to be a big influence just about every artist that is known today.
Now if families or any groups of people who want to have an artist paint a portrait of them all, will only have to submit a photo to get an oil painting done as the artist will then just translate the photo to a canvas.
The once brilliant and beautiful art of original oil paintings has now become lost to the more convenience and the speed of the digital modern age as well as the hectic schedules and deadlines. However, many of the oil painting artist mostly are considered and well known as very fine craftsmen who are also reimbursed greatly for all of their expertise with some prestige and in most cases a substantial commission fee.