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Artificial Intelligence to Create Abstract Art – Absolutely!

Artificial Intelligence to Create Abstract Art – Absolutely!
Have you ever looked at abstract art, and shaken your head, and said to yourself “I could do better than that,” well, maybe it’s because you really could? Indeed that has come to my mind on numerous occasions, and it turns out that third-graders are actually quite good at abstract art, and some of them are as good, or nearly as good as some of the top professional artists that win accolades the world over. Yes, it’s true that art is subjective, but; is abstract art really subjective?
It appears some computer scientists have used computational algorithms and software to prove that it isn’t actually subjective at all. In other words they have figured out a way to determine if abstract art is good, or if it is not. If you are an abstract artist, this might bother you, and if you are an art collector, you might just want to stop reading this article right now because I don’t want to be the one to tell you, or to offend your purchases at such high prices. Okay so, I’d like to discuss this for a moment if you will allow me to;
There was an interesting article not long ago on the MIT Technology Review Blogging Network “The Physics arXiv Blog titled “Measuring the Quality of Abstract Art – Abstract Artists Are Only 4% Better Than Child Artists, According to a Controversial New Way of Evaluating Paintings” which was posted by the famous KFC from MIT Blogger on June 14, 2011. Well, just by the title you can tell it was an intriguing article, and maybe you might want to go read it, but I’d like to use this opportunity to project another concept to you.
The realization that by creating AI software which can judge art in this way, it has rules for determining good and poorly done abstract art, thus, we can use these computer rules to create it as well. That is to say that now we know the methodology, and rules for determining the best abstract art, then all we have to do is use those rules while having the computer produce the best abstract works. In other words, we are about to put out of business all be Abstract Artists in the world, and fill everyone’s living room with brilliant masterpieces, that were not even created by humans.
Indeed, you will recall I did warn all the abstract artists, and the abstract works collectors above, because I believe this will change everything, and the human that beats the computer for the best abstract creation may just be a third grader. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.