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What Paint Colors Create a Sense of Coldness and Why?

What Paint Colors Create a Sense of Coldness and Why?
When wanting to paint your house and receive numerous color suggestions from companies that produce paint you might wake up in a big dilemma. You may like many shades, but do not know which to choose or how to combine them together. Without an interior designer who can advise you best to combine and choose colors and textures for home, gather a few tricks for you to use. These will come in handy especially if you live in an apartment building where the rooms are smaller.
Remember the psychological effect of colors – which were not randomly divided into warm and cold. Similarly, the functions of various rooms in the house or apartment can be divided into warm – intended for intensive activities at a high level of energy and expansion, or cold – activities that require calm, relaxation and concentration. For a soothing effect and increase of space choose cold shades, without major contrast of tone like green, blue and purple. Even tough, black and white are not either warm or cold, in practice have a cold effect.
As warm colors, cold ones have different effect on rooms and also on people. Throughout history it has been noticed that colors have also an impact on people`s mood. The coldness of colors comes from the base color – blue. Being the color of water and the sky many people choose this color in their homes. It relaxes, helps concentration and creates a calm atmosphere. It is recommended for rooms which people use for study, work and relaxation. Be careful; do not paint your kitchen blue. It is said that the color makes you lose your appetite.
Other cold colors are green, purple, turquoise and silver. These too have different meanings and can influence our mood. Green is the environments’ color. It represents health, life and harmony. As blue, it has a calming effect on people and it is recommended the color to paint your kitchen in. For bedroom turquoise is a suitable color, especially for the ladies. It is considered to be a very feminine color.
All in all, choosing your colors is not that difficult if you know your way. Either warm or cold paint colors it is important that the paint you use is high quality. Such paint has a balanced pigmentation so the colors don`t look too dull or too bright. Using good quality paint means no smell. Paint stink means hours or even days of letting the smell fade. Use free smell and free stink paint to get your job done.