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The Beauty Behind the Floral Abstract Paintings

The Beauty Behind the Floral Abstract Paintings
How indicative of nature is a floral painting. The cheer and symbolism of flowers can be expressed very easily with a red rose for love, a yellow daffodil to symbolize the rebirth of spring and the waterlily to make one reminiscent of the floral paintings of Monet at Giverny. It could be a hillside of wildflowers, it could be the cultured gardens of Versailles or the wild beauty of a jungle bloom painted by Rousseau, all the moods that flowers can convey can be expressed in a painting that you choose for a certain area in your home or office.
For the office, a decorator suggests a wide painting of multiple flowers, because there are varying tastes in your employees, each according to his taste. Almost a bouquet of flowers would be an appropriate subject, or you can go the eclectic route and choose a painting of a flower show itself, which would account for the greater variety and closeness than is found in nature. Floral paintings of a single flower go best in smaller spaces such as a reading nook, where the clarity of purpose that a reading nook implies can best be complemented by a single, simple subject for a work of art.
Floral paintings can come in all shades that are found in nature, or, if one follows a fairy-tale or fantastic theme, the colors can be supernatural, such as a pure blue rose. Something of this nature will even be a conversation starter, so perhaps you should choose wisely your subject: a supernatural flower in a kitchen painting, for instance, may distract visitors from the good food that you are providing! Along with a floral painting in a foyer, for example, can stand a vase of real flowers on a pedestal, perhaps as a means to show admiration for the artist’s technique in capturing the essence of the flower. In abstract paintings, floral subjects may be suggested by a swirl of petal or a hint of rippling fern leaf, and the mind of the viewer supplies the rest. Even a blaze of color in an expressionistic work of art may indicate a field of poppies, nodding in the spring breeze as they decorate a green hillside. Many are the uses of an abstract floral painting.
Why not paint a floral work yourself? Since flowers are by their very nature here today and gone tomorrow, you may have a favorite bloom that you nurtured to maturity yourself in your garden and be reluctant to give it back to the ravages of time. So, drag out your easel and paints or watercolors and get down to it! Your flower can stay in the ground, you can pluck it or you can photograph it, any way that is easiest for you to capture its beauty. If you like its hue and shadings at dawn, get up earlier than usual and see how it looks when the first rays of the sun tint it. Snap its picture then and go from there as you use the photo for a model. Floral paintings make us cheery and that is worth some effort to bring their beauty into your home or office.