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Some Unusual Decorative Interior Accessories for Your Living Space

Some Unusual Decorative Interior Accessories for Your Living Space
A living space can be spruced up with rugs, pillows and candles, however, if you pay a little more attention to the plethora of shows that are aired on television, you will probably notice that every designer is in a desperate need to find something new or unusual in terms of decorative interior accessories. You might think that an empty fish bowl is of no use if it is not holding water and fish; well the designers actually have simple ways to transform it and lend it an artistic look to liven up your room. Here are some very basic examples.
Books are the easiest way to lend an intellectual flair to your room. You can include anything from Dr. Seuss to old jacketless tattered books. This not only reflects the range you have but also reflects the kind of reader you are. You can get hold of some excellent classic books in the local yard sale or garage sale and they come inexpensive compared to those available in the book stores.
To much amazement a collection of old records is great way to decorate a home. If you have some actual vinyl at home then you can lend a retro look to your room. They work great form your entertainment room and media/studio room. They are great collectors’ items and you can either decorate them as it is or color them to suit the color scheme of your room. They look classic as well as kitschy.
Sporting Goods
If you have been into sports then what else other than using your sports gear as an unusual decorative interior accessories. Again, you can adorn the room with sports gear even if you do not play the sport. Try using some common sports gear that you find in your place and you can even consider tennis racket or a golf stick.
Wine Bottles
This is one very common place item and every house has a couple of these. You can add a really nice looking wine cellar for an artistic charm. A well-placed wine bottle looks great and is capable of grabbing attention of everyone. Full Wine bottles add a sophisticated and worldly look to your living space. However, even when they are empty they can still make great impact. You can use empty wine bottles as well to decorate your home.