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12 Benefits of Learning Art General

Art consisting of several types has its own benefits for each type. Benefits of art can be felt not only by the individual but also from the social side. Apart from the types of art, here are the benefits of learning art in general:

1. Individual Benefits

Emotional needs

The benefits of learning art first for individuals or individuals are meeting emotional needs. Studying art can give its own satisfaction to its creator as well as its audience. Being more apretiatif and train yourself to feel emotional is a benefit that can be felt from the pursuit of art. For example, someone who is sad can entertain himself by looking at the beauty of the painting.

Various other ways can be done to meet this emotional need. Emotions are not just limited to excitement but include other emotions such as sadness, anxiety, anger, fear, and so on. In addition to getting emotion, learning art can also give the power to express that emotion. Achieving individual satisfaction can be obtained by expressing the perceived emotion into an art such as painting, music, art, and others.

Physical Needs

The benefits of learning the art for the individual besides being able to meet emotional needs can also meet physical needs. Both of these are interconnected between emotional and physical, the results given emotions can affect a person’s physical. Historically, music is believed to be one of the methods of healing from a long time ago. Music has been shown to affect the sensory and motor nerves that humans possess.

An example of other benefits of physical needs is as the tools that are used on a daily basis. Studying art can make a person work to produce the necessary tools in daily needs. Some examples are as a fashion design and accessories that provide comfort and value for its own use. The benefits of learning the art for physical needs can also be found in the art of dance. Dances made with various movements make the body become more active and healthy.

2. Social Benefits

Entertainment Media

Studying art can provide benefits as entertainment or recreation. Beautifully crafted art can provide a special attraction to entertain many people. Each type of art can provide entertainment in its own way.

One example is when going to the art museum. The museum has several works of art that are displayed in the form of 2 dimensions and 3 dimensions. When visitors enter the museum, the visitors will experience emotional changes in accordance with the work they see.

The song is also one way to entertain many people. Some songs are cheerful to entertain a sad listener. Dynamic songs can also help a person’s spirit increase.

Communication media

Another benefit of learning art is using it to become a medium of communication. There is an English proverb that says A picture is worth a thousand words, meaning an image can reflect a thousand words. An example is a picture that tells about the differences that occur such as poor and rich, deforestation, and others.

Art can also convey the heart as communication. Usually, the type of art used in this case is to use the art of music. Love-themed songs are very popular in Indonesia, not a few whose lyrics are implied through communication with a particular purpose.

The work can then be seen by many people around the world through social media where the painter shares his work. Many people who share a common vision then communicate through their work and give each other appreciation.

Education Media

The last thing that becomes the benefit of learning art is for the benefit of education in social life. Art can be used as a medium for learning by providing guidance or information needed as an aid. Education is not limited only to professionals, but also even reach the general public.

One example is the songs used as a tool for learning for young children. The song discusses how to spell the alphabet, count, talk, and more. Another example of the song is a song to study the periodic elements table on chemistry lessons. Songs are helpful for learning because our brains are more responsive to music than the usual reading.

The Benefits of Learning the Art of Children

The benefits of learning art impact not only on adults in general but small children as well. Some research on research about the benefits of learning the art to small has been done by researchers from year to year. Some of these researchers include Lisa Philips, Dewey, Read, Ross, Chapman, and Margaret Naumberg. They are researchers from different ages but show positive results on the benefits of art learning for young children.

The benefits of learning the art for children include:

Enhance creativity

Children have an incredible imagination. Imagination can be developed for the future to be better again by way of learning the art. Creative is not only limited to the drawing but also can in making 3D art (3D). Examples are like clay sculptures, dance moves, making beautiful articles, and so on.

How to develop this art can be done by way of fostering children to see how expansive the art world. Bringing to the museum and explaining art, coming to a piano concert and attracting interest in music, and more. The mentors described are not for demands, but by allowing children to imagine freely with adult guidance. A common mistake in art education often does not allow children to express and demand “art” is taught.

Build a more mature mindset

Mature mindset can be built from an early age and can be guided by art. Children do not generally accept advice or advice from parents because they do not understand. Through children’s curiosity towards art, make them hear better suggestions.

Building a solidarity attitude

Some works of art should be done in groups, so it takes solidarity. Examples of activities done in groups are dancing, playing music, making workshops, and also drawing. Children working in groups doing artwork will collaborate with each other to create a new creativity.

Raises a character that does not give up easily

The benefits of learning the art as well as to build character are not easy to give up. Children who learn art, with the right impulse, want to make their artwork better in the future. Learning art, in general, can be done in two ways namely self-taught and with guidance. For children, it may be better to do it with guidance because at first, the children can move the bow very quickly.

Learn to appreciate the work

The most important thing about the benefits of learning the art for children is to cultivate an appreciation of the work. Learning to appreciate the work of others must be done from the beginning because the appreciation will be very valuable to the creator. The way to teach appreciation is by bringing it to a place that has artistic insights and teaches it art. Through coaching, children will understand how beautiful and deep the art world is, so they can appreciate the work better.