Art Painting

Ponckles Gallery, St Ives

Painting is like silent poem, said Simonides, poet from historical Greece.Paintings are icons, doors to the Platonian world above the heavens. Restaurants, Accommodations, Bars, Spas, Salons, Retail Shops, Cafes and Airport Terminals allow artists to sell their paintings on their wallspace in return for a commission. Sellers are solely accountable for descriptions of goods and all different content material provided to Artspace by seller.

Artspace may make accessible the Artspace Auctions the place sellers might provide goods for sale by auction to the best bidder. Our new website, , can also be an awesome resource for folks fascinated by promoting art and antiques. Sure selling our crafts and work is also a method of making some more money.

Although what artworks qualify as superb artwork paintings is way debated, we imagine that original paintings that are skillfully and imaginatively created for aesthetic functions qualify as fantastic art, regardless of who created them or where they have previously been exhibited.

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Artspace shall have sole discretion as as to whether a selected item meets the requirements of the Web site, which willpower is final. These websites have the benefit of allowing you to take payment from clients easily and have an excellent repute and community.