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“No Paint” Decorating Ideas For an Apartment

“No Paint” Decorating Ideas For an Apartment
Living in a rented apartment where your lease prohibits you from making any changes to the wall color makes customizing your living quarters a bit of a challenge. One option that you have is agreeing in writing to return your apartment’s paint color to its original state before moving out; some landlords will go for this. You can, however, decorate your apartment without using paint.
Removable Wall Covering Since you cannot paint your walls in colors that best suit your personality, the next best thing is fabric or starch wallpaper. Fabric and starch wallpaper options have really expanded in recent years, and you can literally find any imaginable print or solid paper that appeals to you and coordinates with your decorating theme. The technique of applying this type of wallpaper is quite simple, and it is totally removable and will not damage the wall beneath. This is a great way to add color and texture to your apartment walls, or to cover up ugly, unsightly walls. You can dress up every area of your apartment, from the entrance to the bedrooms, with removable wall coverings – and never have to worry about forfeiting your security deposit for damages.
ShelvingYou can also fill your wall space up by thinking tall when it comes to shelving. This will have the added effect of creating a visual appeal while also giving you tons of storage or display options. Don’t overcrowd your shelving, but carefully arrange the objects that you wish to display on each shelf. The eye tends to flow over a shelf in a pattern that is s-shaped, so keep that in mind when setting up your items on display.
Folding ScreensYou can also add texture to an area of the room by placing a folding screen in front of a wall. Folding screens can be found in nearly any style imaginable, from chrome folding screens for ultra modern decor to Shoji screens for Asian inspired themes. The folding screen is especially beneficial in a smaller, studio type apartment where space and privacy are at a minimal.
Wall Hangings and MuralsWall hangings and murals are also great for covering a wall without the necessity of painting the wall. There are tons of choices when it comes to wall hangings, or you can create your own with a favorite quilt. Simply attach a sleeve to the back of the quilt with needle and thread, and then insert a rod. Voila! You have an instant wall hanging that will give your apartment a shabby chic appeal.
No-Nail DecoratingIf your apartment lease’s “no paint” clause also contains a “no nails” clause, then you can still decorate your walls. There are some amazing removable wall hooks on the market, some of them made by the 3M Corporation, which will allow you to easily hang most sizes of artwork, prints, and wall art. These hooks adhere to the wall securely without leaving behind any type of icky residue when you remove them. There are so many of these types of hooks and gadgets on the market that you can hang nearly anything on the wall without fear of the hook giving way to weight and sending your artwork crashing to the floor. You can find these types of hooks at your local hardware store or home improvement center, or online. You can also hang shelving using hooks of this type.