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Interior Decoration With Abstract Art

Interior Decoration With Abstract Art
Abstract art is one of the best styles to decorate your home with. Abstract art offers many advantages aver representational are such as still life, portrait or landscape such as the ease with which it can be matched to many different styles of interior design. Modern art such as Abstract Expressionism and Action Painting can be matched based on colors and therefore is easier to work into a rooms design. The wide range of colors used in a single piece of abstract art makes it easier to change the color or feel of a room without having to replace the art on the walls.
Abstract and modern art is often non-representational, meaning it does not depict a particular identifiable image, but focuses more on color, shape and pattern. Using abstract art, a room can be created without the subject matter of the artwork used for decoration defining the theme of the design. It allows the interior designer to focus on creating a feel for a room rather than a specific motif.
Artwork created in the style of the Abstract Expressionists and other modern artists has the advantage of not taking too much attention from the other elements of the room, as well. Subjective imagery draws the eye and engages the analytical mind, where abstract art adds to the feel of a place without commanding the critical mind to evaluate the content of an image. This is most likely why abstract art is used almost exclusively in the design of sets for newer televisions shows. The next time you see a popular TV drama notice the style of artwork that decorates the offices and homes of the characters. It is usually abstract, most likely to keep the viewer focused on the action of the characters instead of trying to figure out what is in the paintings behind the actors.
Because many abstract artist work quickly on large canvases, it is possible to find large pieces of abstract art for a relatively reasonable price. A five-foot tall canvas depicting people, landscapes or still-life images will often take much longer to complete than certain styles of abstract painting. This does not make abstract art inferior or less valuable, but it does mean that abstract artists can price work lower than artists working in other styles. Interior decorators can take advantage of this fact and create a unified and cohesive feel for all the rooms in a house or all the pieces of artwork in a room without having to spend a fortune.
Abstract and modern art works best with furniture and accessories that have a more modern design and feel. Clean lines, muted colors and sparseness of placement allow the exciting and busy nature of abstract art to come forth and complement a room without creating a feeling of chaos within the elements.