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How to Create Abstract Paintings by Seeing in the Dark! Part 1

How to Create Abstract Paintings by Seeing in the Dark! Part 1
Every night just before I go to sleep I am inundated with inspirational images that offer me help in visualising potential abstract or surreal paintings.
Having spoken to a few people I have been surprised to hear that a lot of them appear to be unaware of the phenomenon before their own eyes.
When I asked someone what they knew of the after images of the eye I was amazed to hear that they knew nothing about it… “Well, what do you see when you close your eyes?” – the reply came fast “Nothing!”
If any of you answered the same then read on…
Here are a couple of very simple experiments that will guarantee to amaze you.
Find yourself a piece of brightly colored paper and cut it out so that it is a rough circle of about two inches in diameter. The best colors (but you should try them all if you can) are bright blue, pink, orange, red or green. If you cannot find any brightly colored paper then find some watercolor or acrylic paint and produce the colored circle on a piece of white paper – then cut it out.
I suggest you get a piece of white paper about A3 size (or two pieces of photocopy paper side by side… they are A4 size – and two A4’s make A3!) Place it on a table before you.
Grab yourself a seat next to the table so that the white paper is set landscape ways in front of you (that longest measurement wide).
Take your color circle and place it in the center of the white paper… and stare at it for the count of 120 elephants (or seconds if you prefer!). Your eyes need to be about 6 to 8 inches from the circle.