Gregory Garrett Introduction to Art and His Love for Modern Art
Gregory Garrett is an artist not by chance but choice. During his very early years he began to feel fascinated by light and darkness. As a child he always found himself sitting is all alone and watch the sunlight flow all the way through the blinds as dust element where noticeable through the eyes hop and jazz in the rays of light entering inside his parent’s living room.
“I lost and found myself as I watched the light stream into my parents’ living room. Somehow, I knew what I was experiencing was truth.”- Gregory Garrett
This solitary age was vital in his progress as a very good artist in the years to follow. During his early career as an artist Garrett spent most of his time studying and admiring the famous art works of painters such as Picasso, Caravaggio, Michelangelo, Da Vinci and Van Gough. He understood very early that art is an important aspect of life form as a human and that the times gone by of art are essential for the development of art in future.
“Art is not created in a vacuum. It must have history to live. Art should be a reflection of the artist’s past, present and future.”- Gregory Garrett
Some of his famous art works are Transition in Red, Theatre View, Swirl Patters and Carnival. All these are abstract art and feature in the most famous museums in around the world. Garrett’s art has also been able to connect with modern day home decor enthusiast as they feel his art brings in the kind of rich aura and depth to their walls. In the recent times Gregory Garrett’s works have also been available as Fine Art Prints, Posters and Framed Art which make them very affordable while maintaining its true quality and looks. Many of those who like his works also buy canvas prints of his famous art which render a rich texture to the entire setting at their home.
Gregory Garrett’s various abstract art works infer the humankind in the course of playful figure, sturdy geometric forms and colours that whirl on the canvas prints like meringue. In fine art prints Float I he tries to depict all this using a very gentle manner. This art prints in India is available on posters online shop.
“Art should be a reflection of the artist’s past, present and future.”- Gregory Garrett
For art, personality puts on an act in Gregory Garrett’s abstract “Theatre View.” In shade of blazing yellowish-brown light, absinthe, sepia and, the earth, grass, plant life and skies are all radically signified in his Fine Art Prints.

By ella