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DNA Canvas Printing – A New Form of Modern Abstract Art

DNA Canvas Printing – A New Form of Modern Abstract Art
With the current trend in DNA art printing, anyone can furnish his home with or give away gifts of unique abstract canvas art. DNA portraits refer to a digital image of your genetic code, enhanced and printed on museum-grade canvas for display. They come in various styles, designs, and colors and may be framed in so many ways. DNA art looks especially good when displayed in homes with modern interiors. The means by which DNA portraits are produced are undeniably modern, and the results are emotional and inspiring in a lot of ways.
We are all aware one way or another of what abstract art is. Some of us may not be able to give a clear definition but possess a vague idea of what abstract paintings and other abstract masterpieces look like. Loosely defined, abstract art is a relatively modern way of artistic expression. Abstract artworks are meant to represent an idea without directly taking after the said idea. The subjects in abstract masterpieces are not always recognizable. However, they could have the power to elicit some sort of emotional response from the one viewing the artwork.
DNA canvas printing is one of the most modern examples of abstract art. Although not everyone may develop a taste for abstract artworks, anyone can appreciate the beauty of seeing his own, unique DNA code rendered as abstract canvas art. Why not? DNA art revolves around you and your entire being. Your DNA strands are photographed using advanced scientific technology and customised according to your favourite colors and style. There is nothing else like it as there is no one else like you.
DNA canvas art printing falls under abstract canvas art because (1) it is a “representation” of something, which is the person to whom the DNA belongs to, and everything he stands for; and (2) people who may not be able to recognize what those bands and sequences in a DNA portrait actually stand for. With the help of science, DNA Art can render something intangible into something that can be seen and can evoke emotional responses – inspiration, awe, and wonder. With modern imaging and digital technology, DNA Art can make a person’s DNA strands look even more beautiful to fit your personal style and tastes.
This is the reason why DNA Art receives several orders for DNA prints intended to be sent as birthday gifts. Giving a DNA art to friends and loved ones for their special day is a great way to tell them how much they mean to you -not in so many words. Our high-quality DNA portraits are printed using fade-resistant ink on independently tested canvas so they are ideal for display. It’s as if you are giving away a true abstract masterpiece without having to spend a fortune on the works of Picasso, Braques, Mondrian, and the like.