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5 Important Reasons to Buy a Beautiful Work of Art

5 Important Reasons to Buy a Beautiful Work of Art
Express Yourself
What a great way to express yourself and show what your interests are. Whether you are a sophisticated world traveler, futurist, fun-loving homebody, animal lover, or a sports fan, there are works of art to compliment you and your interests. For example, Chagall, Picasso, Klimt, Renoir, Kahlo, Bouguereau, Rembrandt, Watteau, or Max, or whatever artist of your choice who speaks to you and captivates your admiration and expresses your fervor for life. Express yourself with a vibrant work of art. My personal favorite is “La Giaconda” (The Mona Lisa). I am completely enthralled by her beauty and mystery and the secret held captive with her smile.
Art Is A Great Décor Booster
It’s time to get creative. Give your entrance hall or living room a fresh look or a seasonal ambiance! Think about complimenting the seasons with just the right painting in your home or office space. For summer, what about Raoul Dufy’s “Interior with Open Windows,” or for the winter months, what about Claude Monet’s “The Magpie,” or Willard Metcalf ‘s “The Veil.” And for the spring, why not add Albert Bierstadt’s “Yosemite Valley.” And for the fall, Melchior D’ Hondecoeter’s “Cocks Hens and Chicks.” Revitalize the look of your favorite room, with the added charm and color of a fabulous work of art.
Compliment Your Personal Style
Which school of art best compliments your lifestyle? The lavish Baroque period, or the Pre-Raphaelites? The Northern Renaissance or Italian Renaissance Masters? Modernists, Photo Realists, Dadaists, Abstractionists, Surrealists, or is it the nostalgia of pure Romanticism? Choose from centuries of the greatest art in the world to compliment your unique personal style.
Art Makes A Great Investment
Whether you are a serious collector, or buy art as an investment with the intention of selling your work of art at some future date, or just getting your feet wet and starting to collect art, one rule stands firm, “Buy what you like.” Art will always reward you with its beauty, integrity and new sense of discovery every time you look at it. Bottom line, whether you buy an original work of art as an investment for thousands of dollars, or a reproduction for considerably less money, art is dynamic. It will pass on from one generation to the next and each generation will add its own legacy and imprint with that particular work of art and keep adding to its history.
Feel Like A Million Dollars