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A furry artwork website is any main community archive of graphic paintings, literature and/or audio recordsdata which is either fully centered on furry content material or incorporates a bit(s) for indexed furry/anthropomorphic submissions. Add your photos and promote on their website for 10% commission, or promote reproductions by their Print on Demand service (you select a set price and they mark up.) Additionally they present companies to build your own artwork web site with e-commerce capabilities.

A ABSTRACT OF ROCK ART databases in Southern African countries signifies that there are at the least 14 000 sites on record, however that many extra exist than have been formally recorded (Deacon 1997). Many of the newer free artwork web site platforms additionally supplies the artist with blogging capabilities, press release distribution and art occasion promotion as effectively.

But the web site, which is sort of a Farfetch for vintage shops and classic sellers, additionally has a formidable collection of photography. Rock engravings in all traditions have been made mostly by eradicating the weathered outer floor of rocks corresponding to dolerite to create a colour contrast with the underlying unweathered rock (Dowson 1992).

Anati, E 1986 The rock art of Tanzania and the East African sequence. Documentation of the drawings and the event of a management plan for visitors to the region are vital steps towards preservation of this piece of Sudanese, African, and world history.

Deacon, J 1997 A regional administration technique for rock artwork in Southern Africa. Except for Australia and North America, only a few rock-art areas elsewhere have such detailed sources for interpretation. Saatchiart : Continuing within the theme of democratization, Saatchi takes the place that just about anybody can signal as much as sell artwork on their website.