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Guests will find figures from private or family shrines, such as the Byeri guardian determine, complemented by these used in community shrines and areas, comparable to Mami Wata and the Ethiopian Processional Cross. All Ijo sculpture reveals a four-square schematic fashion that contrasts starkly with the relative naturalism of surrounding styles, corresponding to those of Yorubaland or Benin. The Ekoi peoples (Anyang, Boki, Ejagham, Keaka, and Yako) are best recognized for his or her giant skin-covered masks, which have two and even three faces, and for their smaller headpieces, which characterize a head or a whole determine.

He is bought predominantly by Nigerian collectors, though he additionally has works in main museums, including the Smithsonian in Washington, DC. The son of a conventional Igbo sculptor, his work draws on African and European modernist imagery.

Among the excellent objects in the assortment include: from the Sahel area, a Bamana picket equestrian determine and a Nok male figure with arms upraised; from the Higher Guinea Coast, a Senufo figurative rhythm pounder and a Temne bush cow masks; from the Lower Guinea Coast, an elaborate Ejagham pores and skin-lined headdress and a Fante appliquéd banner; from Central Africa, a Luba female determine with bowl and a Fang feminine reliquary figure; and from southern Africa, an elegant Zulu stool.

The examine of African artwork till just lately focused on the normal art of sure well-known groups on the continent, with a specific emphasis on conventional sculpture, masks and different visible tradition from non-Islamic West Africa, Central Africa, and Southern Africa with a specific emphasis on the 19th and 20th centuries.

The collection also consists of a wide variety of masks like the Igbo Maiden Spirit Masks, danced in masquerades that carry non secular and cultural significance for participants, including the viewers. East Africans are recognized for Tinga Tinga paintings and Makonde sculptures.