Comfort And Versatility: Great T-Shirt At A Great Price

When it comes to clothing, many think of the t-shirt as a classic piece of clothing. For some, a comfortable pair of jeans and a t-shirt is all that is needed to face the day and whatever life brings. Of course, there are different kinds of t-shirts, but the general consensus for many is the versatile t-shirt is a staple of the wardrobe, appropriate for almost all occasions. Of course, it’s suggested that the shirt be clean, wrinkle-free and stain-free, but that’s almost all the everyday t-shirt wearers must consider. Many t-shirt wearers feel that the Jerzees shirts are their preferred brand, as the shirt is quality-made yet comfortable and economical to purchase.

One popular shirt is the Dri-Power Active 50/50 cotton/poly blend tee. Though this is considered a heavyweight shirt, its moisture-wicking capabilities help keep the wearer comfortable even in the most scorching weather. This shirt has double stitching on the arms and hem as well as reinforcements from shoulder to shoulder and in the neck area. This extra stitching helps to ensure the shirt can stand up to the most strenuous activity yet still hold strong. This shirt also comes in a wide array of colors and sizes, ensuring there are colors and fits to please everyone.

Additionally, this 50/50 cotton/poly blend is perfect for screen printing, whether it be a company logo for the workplace, a fundraiser promotion, or a cause to raise awareness, these shirts won’t disappoint. The quality is superb and the price quite economical, especially when purchasing in bulk for a project.

The chances are there is at least a t-shirt or two in almost everyone’s closet. It may be printed with a beloved vacation destination, a theme park attraction, or even a favorite sports team or band. Of course, to become a frequently worn item of clothing, the shirt must be comfortable and of good quality, allowing it to stand up to wash after wash and still look good. Without a doubt, after giving the 50/50 cotton/poly blend t-shirt a try, most will agree that it will become a classic and treasured item of clothing of the wardrobe.