Adding a Social Element to the Apps We Love the Most

We all have our unique hobbies and interests. The sheer variety in where we find our entertainment is part of the spice of life. It gives us a chance to explore a variety of new pastimes with every new person who enters our life. But as much as we might like exploring new forms of entertainment, we all have our favorites. There are just some forms of entertainment that we’ll always come back to. And more often than not it’ll be a game of some sort.

There’s just something fundamentally human about gaming. It’s a chance to pit luck and skill against the universe. Sometimes we do it with others by our side. And sometimes we’ll switch it around and go face to face against those same people. In fact, some of the strongest friendships have been based on the idea of a worthy gaming adversary. And we can find a wide variety of examples of this ideal. But it’s perhaps seen nowhere as strongly as within the world of poker.

Poker dates all the way back to the early 19th century. And to be sure, it’s gone through some significant changes in that time. In our modern era it’s actually considered a spectator sport. And this might well lead one to wonder where poker is heading. If it’s gone from a simple distraction to a major spectator sport than what might it turn into in the future?

The simple answer is to simply state that the future always has a foundation in the present. We simply need to look at the trends of the day to see where things are heading. So to answer the question of poker’s future we need to see the newer methods by which people relate to it today. When we look at poker this way, we can see some obvious trends. One of the most important is that people are using apps to play poker. In fact, poker apps are often the single most used programs on many people’s phones. It’s not at all unusual to see people who use their smartphone as a poker game more often than they do to make phone calls.

But playing poker this way has some undeniable limitations. We’ve examined just how important the human element is to the game. Poker against a computerized opponent can certainly be enjoyable. And it’s undeniably effective as a way of honing one’s skills. But there’s really no substitute for an opponent who learns and adapts to your strategies as you come up with them. Human opponents are what defines a sport. This is why any multiplayer mobile poker app implementations are quickly rising in popularity.

Online poker apps have had some difficulties in the past due to the nature of online networks. One needs a reliable internet connection for a video poker game to really have the feel of a standard match. A game where people constantly get kicked offline just doesn’t give the proper feel. But today’s mobile data plans are more than enough to handle poker games. And this is why we can clearly see the dawn of a whole new era of poker. What began as a simple card game in the early 19th century is evolving into a digital game with high speed connections between players all over the world. But in the end, it’s still relying on that vital connection between human players.