Benefits of Listening to Music While Exercising

Exercise includes the need for the body to stay in shape. But what if the sport is done with forced? Maybe it will not be the spirit, or even become lazy? If you often go to a gym or gym, not a few of them are exercising while listening to music or maybe even in a sports venue already installed music. Apparently it was not just by chance.

Listening to your favorite music can be done in many ways. One of them when we exercise. No wonder, if now many people can not get out of earphones mounted in their ears. You see, listening to music while exercising a lot of benefits. Some Benefits of Listening to Music While Exercising:

  1. Getting Better Performance

According to experts, if your movement is in sync with the music being heard, then you will get better performance.

  1. Not Fast Tired

Music that rhythmic 120-140 beats per minute, will provide stimulants for the body thus increasing the heart rate so as to make the movement more effective and not make tired quickly. This is very useful to increase the duration of exercise.

  1. Eliminate Boredom

Music with the preferred genre will get rid of boredom when you exercise, there is no harm in preparing different music in a playlist, so your sports activities will look more enthusiasm.

  1. Affects the Mood

Someone who listens to music while exercising will have an impact on physiological and emotional. So the intensity of the song will affect the nervous system and the performance of the brain, so someone who listens to the song while exercising will be longer duration compared with those who do not listen to the song. And it is proven in various studies that music affects a person’s mood.

  1. As a Distributor of Emotions

Music can be used as a channel for emotions. If you are emotional, you can take the headset directly listen to music, and go jogging out or playing bike. As a result emotions get out and the body becomes healthy.…

The Benefits of Relaxation Music

Brain relaxation music, relaxation music for sleep, relaxation music for pregnant women, relaxation music for babies, relaxation meditation music, relaxation music heart of relaxation music. Strains of music that presents the sounds of nature like waves on the beach, frog singing, and crickets in the field, the wind rattling the trees, and the birds chirping began favored by today’s society. Particularly in urban areas where community members are confronted with crowded activity, full of problems, plus a traffic jam that always stops creating prolonged stress.

The music besides being heard to be entertainment, it also can give the calm to the listener like relaxation and meditation and even can relieve stress. Music with the strains of relaxation and meditation will help us to get brain waves and heart waves that will allow us to enter the subconscious mind and cause effects of confidence, happiness, and fresh returns.

Relaxation Music and Meditation help you to get the right brain waves for every activity you want to improve. By regularly listening to Relaxation Music and Meditation you will soon feel the process of improving the quality of life going on inside you.
You can take advantage of this technology for your various needs such as solemn praying, relaxation, meditation, fast learning, creativity, changing habits, improving intuition, quitting smoking, and easy going to sleep.

Most people love listening to music. Especially when you’re experiencing stress or heavy thoughts, music can provide tranquility and feelings of relief. Because psychically, music can also make a person feel relaxed. In a relaxed state, the body’s metabolism works better, so the immune system becomes better. If you want to always feel relaxed, relaxed and comfortable while working? If so, you can listen to relaxation music from total relaxation brain therapy. This therapy will allow you to always be in alpha frequency throughout the day so that you always feel relaxed, relaxed and comfortable while working so you can work with the maximum.

Relaxation has been designed based on the results of research that has been done for many years by reviewing the references of experts in the field of programming mind. Not only that, this therapy has also been tested clinically and scientifically and tested its effectiveness. Not only makes you always comfortable and relaxed while working, Total Brain Relaxation Therapy also has many amazing benefits for your body’s health.

There are so many amazing benefits that can be obtained from total brain relaxation therapy for the health of the body. These benefits include:

  1. Lowering blood pressure

    Total Brain Therapy Relaxation not only able to make the body always in a relaxed and comfortable condition, but also can lower high blood pressure. This is in line with the results of research that states that listening to relaxation music or classical songs about 30 minutes every day can lower high blood pressure or hypertension.

  2. Improving Heart Health

    Total Brain Relaxation Therapy is very effective used to treat chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer and others. The stimulus of this therapy has a great influence on self-healing.

  3. Accelerate recovery

    Relaxation music from Total Relaxation Brain Therapy is also beneficial for accelerating health recovery such as stroke and other diseases.

  4. Accelerate the cure of disease

    The stimulus provided by Total Relaxation Brain Therapy can reduce pain, reduce pain, reduce prolonged pain and postoperative pain, thus speeding up the healing process.

  5. Overcoming sleep disorders or insomnia

    One of the causes of sleep disorders or insomnia is because the brain is always active to think. Total Relaxation Brain Therapy will lead you to a very deep and comfortable relaxation state so that your brainwave frequency will decrease so much that you are easier to fall asleep.

  6. Relieve stress and increase relaxation

    Total relaxation brain therapy not only can calm your body or your physical, total relaxation can also give you peace of mind, help relax the tense muscles so that you will slowly relax, the more relaxed so that the stress you suffered before will disappear slowly.

  7. Increase focus and concentration

    Stimulus Brain Therapy Total Relaxation will make you feel comfortable and relax. When you are in this condition you will be easier to focus and easier to concentrate.

  8. Improve memory

    Total Brain Relaxation Therapy is also able to improve your memory or memory. This is because when you use Total Brain Relaxation Therapy, you will be led to alpha waves, where in alpha waves you will be easier to remember everything. Or in other words, your memory or memory increases sharply.
    There are many other incredible benefits that you can get from total relaxation brain therapy is for the health of the body. To be able to feel the enormity of the benefits of relaxation music, of course you must have and use it. How to use it pretty easy

Why Music Listening

Our everyday life never gets out of music. Listening to music is an activity that is always done by many people, whenever and wherever. When being alone, learning, doing a task, or on a journey of beautiful tones never stops accompanying.

Through many studies that have been done by many experts, it turns out the habit of listening to music has great positive benefits for a person. There is a reason behind why it’s easier to concentrate while listening to music or listening to music when you’re sad or happy to build a comfortable atmosphere.

Make Happy

Feeling sad? Try listening to music. According to a study, when a person listens to music, his body produces dopamine hormone. Formed in the brain, this hormone acts as a neurotransmitter that sends a happy stimulus to one’s body. The sense of fun generated by this music that makes us want to sway, hum, or feel goosebumps while listening to the song.

Reduce Stress

In a state of stress, the body produces excess hormone cortisol. As a result, the brain will find it difficult to concentrate, decreased body resistance, until blood pressure rises dramatically. Listening to soothing classical music can make a person think more clearly when stress. Quiet music is believed to lower levels of the hormone cortisol in the body is very dangerous.

Improve Sleep Quality

More than 30% of the world’s population has symptoms of sleeplessness and insomnia. The habit to stay awake at night has a very bad impact when it comes to activity the next day. A study showed that listening to music 45 minutes before bedtime and avoiding contact with a computer screen, television, or smartphone can reduce the symptoms of difficulty sleeping. Classical music such as Bach or Mozart is the most appropriate music as lullabies.

Increases IQ, Learning Ability, and Brain Memory

A study conducted by Stanford University School of Medicine, concluded if music can stimulate the brain to quickly absorb the information received and improve the ability to think. Familiarizing children to listen and learn to play a musical instrument can also increase one’s IQ. It also has an influence with their academic achievement. Children who are introduced to music early on have better academic results than others.

Accelerate the Healing Process

Just undergoing surgery, listening to music can be one way to speed up the healing process after surgery. The choice of songs that are meditative or favorite songs of the patient can reduce the pain that arises after surgery and speed up the healing process. Renowned musician Bob Marley once said “Listen to music you love take your pain away.”

Familiarize yourself to listen to music is not a difficult thing even has become a routine activity that has been done anytime and anywhere can turn out to have enormous benefits. Just as reading, getting used to reading has a huge and useful benefit. The presence of Kurio app makes reading so much easier. Like listening to music, reading the latest information through Kurio can be done anytime and anywhere. Continue to use Kurio to keep up with the latest useful information.


Influence Music For Pregnant Women

Many assumptions circulating in the community that pregnant women who listen to music can get various benefits. In fact, it is not uncommon that one particular type of music can make the fetus someday smarter. Pregnant women who intend to do this kind of stimulation should do with caution. Until now, experts have not been able to prove that playing music on the fetus can make it smarter. Although on the one hand, pregnant women who listen to music recognized more relaxed and easier to sleep.

Exciting Stimulus

The music can affect a person, including pregnant women. A study conducted in Germany revealed that the response indicated pregnant women are stronger against all types of music. The researchers conclude, music is a significant stimulus. Probably caused by high estrogen levels in pregnant women. The hormone affects the brain against pleasure when listening to music. Another researcher mentioned that music is beneficial for pregnant women because it can help feel relaxed and the condition is very good for fetal development and condition.

What the Fetus Can Be Hearing

Towards the end of the 5-month pregnancy period, experts believe the fetus can receive sensory information that can then be responded to and remembered at some level.
In addition to heartbeat, breath, sounds of blood flow, and digestive tract, the fetus can begin to hear sounds from outside the mother’s body. The possibility of the fetus can recognize and feel comfortable when hearing it again after birth.

Fetal heart rate can increase when he hears music. Once born, the baby can respond when the music is played regularly. Music is considered to make mom feel relaxed and encourage the same feelings when it is played to newborns. Some babies will react by stopping crying, opening their eyes, or doing little movement.

A study revealed that babies who played lullabies during the late pregnancy, the reaction of brain activity is higher than the newborn after birth. This justifies the possibility of the fetus being able to hear in the stomach, but does not prove the exposure of music since in the womb can improve the ability of the hearing system or brain development after birth.

Do not exaggerate

Not infrequently pregnant women try to provide music stimulation by attaching headphones to the stomach. However, it is feared it can actually stimulate the fetus excessively, especially if the volume is high.Several studies have revealed that the noise that is played in the fetus for a long time can precipitate premature birth, low weight, to hearing loss in infants after birth.

The recommended sound for the volume that pregnant women hear is about 65 decibels. If the music will be heard for a longer time, the volume set is recommended below 50 decibels. This level is generally applied to intensive care space for newborns. Although it has not been proven to improve the intelligence of the baby, listening to music in babies save the possibility to help him know and interact with you. In addition, music can reduce stress in pregnant women and deepen the instinct of motherhood.


Listening To Music Effects Too Loud

Who does not like listening to music? Music will be nice to hear when installed with the right volume. But the younger generation is very happy to hear music using earphones and put it on aloud. No wonder the current generation is called the gadget generation. It’s as if you can not live without hearing your favorite music in your gadget. This is the amazing phenomenon of the gadget culture, especially in the way of listening to music.

So what’s wrong with listening to music with a loud voice? Do you think the volume can damage the ears and other body parts? Many scientists claim that listening to music with a loud voice can damage your ears and brain, can even interfere with your overall body function. So what are the effects of loud music to the body?

Decreased hearing function

One of the biggest effects of listening to loud music is the decrease in hearing function. When the volume of music you listen to more than 90 decibels will start to damage the eardrum. You will begin to feel the sound of music buzzing throughout the ears and also your body. In many cases many temporary hearing loss events occur because they listen to music too loudly. But if this incident continues you can experience permanent hearing loss. Make sure you do not use earphones for long periods and make sure you put the volume on the right decibels

Nerve problems

Has anyone ever told you this? Listening to music that is too loud can actually make the nerves weak. You will feel a nerve damage takes place if you continue to listen to music in a loud voice. This means that the signal reaching the brain does not reach its destination and if this problem persists then there may be brain damage and other body functions.

Ear infections

Of course you’ve shared earphones with someone close to you is not it? Did you know that sharing your earphones allows you to spread the infection that comes from both your ear and the person you are sharing. Evil bacteria that live in the ear can be attached to the earphone and can be spread easily when using earphones together.

Decrease in concentration

When loud music is constantly attached to your ears indirectly your concentration will be divided and decreased. You will realize that listening to music can make your ability to work decreases.…

Listen to music while sleeping

Listening to music is indeed one of the fun things. Not only that, listening to favorite music that we like can also change the mood for the better. The habit of listening to music is not just in the relaxed time. Sometimes many people who fill the time to sleep with still listening to music. This can usually make sleep feel more soundly.

Sleeping habits while listening to music, or watching television until falling asleep, or letting the lights in the room be brightly lit, is difficult to remove and according to some people such conditions make them become more quickly asleep. But in fact after awakening they feel more tense (stress). Some even feel like not sleeping all night.

But do you know? That sleeping while listening to this music turned out to be harmful to the health of our bodies. Therefore, bedtime is one thing that can make our body organs to rest. But when we sleep but handset still stuck to the ear with the sound of music that is heard. When you wake up you will feel a sense of stress or feel like not sleeping all day. This is because during sleep last night by listening to music. That means the brain is still working actively because it receives the music sound from the handset.

If this is done in a long time from going to sleep to wake up again in the morning, the brain will experience fatigue because there is no rest time during the day. Because automatically during the day you will start a re-activity that makes the brain will work again. Well, for it is recommended when we want to sleep better turn off lights, Gadgets, laptops and others – others. This is to support the body can rest up the maximum and sleep quality. Because the purpose of this quality sleep to help the body’s metabolism in order to return the next day can start the activity well.


Types of Music That Can Help Baby Sleep

Little one needs quality sleep with sufficient duration each day. Therefore, growth hormone is produced and flowed throughout the body with more leverage when he sleep. Unfortunately, not all babies can easily get into the stage of deep sleep. Some babies are often even fussy whenever invited to sleep. Is the Little one so? According to research conducted by experts, there are several types of music that can help you make your baby more relaxed before bedtime, you know. Here’s more:

Classical music

Classical music is synonymous with regular, harmonious, and repetitive tones. According to experts, these three elements make the strains of classical music have a rhythm that is similar to the fetal motion rhythm in the womb, Mom. This resemblance evokes Little’s memory of her experience while still inside the tranquil mother’s womb. This is why, the Small will be more easily relaxed when Mother to present this music to him before bedtime. Related to this, lullaby album from Mozart could be an option, Mom.

Jazz music

In addition to classical music, Mother can also play jazz music on the Little before bedtime. With its swinging swinging rhythm, this music can make your baby’s little heart beat slowly slowed down so that he was calmer and more easily drowsy. You can try playing The Saxophone Album from Jazz For Babies. In this digital age, this album can be found easily on various video sharing sites.

Pop Music

In order to be more varied, you can also listen to the type of pop music you know. Although the strains of irregular tune like classical music or rocking like jazz, this type of music can be an option because it can provide elements of the rhythmic sound that calms the baby. This is expressed by Simon Cooper, a producer of special music for parents and babies. “Babies need a rhythmic sound to calm them down, that’s what they get in the womb (from the sound of the heartbeat and the breathing of Mom).” A number of pop music can fulfill this, “said Simon.

Therefore, Mother can play the song “Angels” popularized by Robbie Williams hosted by Oasis band. For additional info, according to a survey conducted by The Baby Website, lately, these two songs become a favorite of mothers in the UK to lull their baby. While lullabies are played, Mother can also provide a gentle massage for the Little in some areas of her body. This can optimize the benefits of massage for the Small because the soft scent to help her body more relaxed so that it is easier to enter the stage of deep sleep