The development of music in Indonesia happens so very fast, until the traditional music2 area we are almost forgotten just gara2 growing and development of non-traditional music or modern music. Though traditional music in Indonesia is none other than music that was born and maintained in Indonesia. This traditional music is greatly influenced by the customs, even the religion and the structure of the society of each region. However, over time, these changes and changes occur because of the arrival of foreign nation to Indonesia, and some others because of the progress of the times.


The development of non-traditional music in Indonesia, many influenced by the music – music from abroad. As a result of the influence of foreign music that resulted in the color (pattern) music – music in Indonesia vary. There is influence from the West, Middle East, India, China and so forth.


In contrast to traditional music, non-traditional music or often referred to as modern music, is not born from the culture of a particular society. The music is built on one clear composition rule, such as notation system, sign, texture, and instrument known to the public widely and easily learned.

In addition modern music is open. That is, the composition and style of music is strongly influenced by the musical experience of the musicians of every time. Thus, criticism of a particular composition becomes commonplace. Not surprisingly, a certain composition or style of modern music became lost or abandoned by society and replaced with a new style of music.

A. Stream of Modern Music

1. Jazz Music

Jazz music is a type of music that was first developed by African-Americans. This music stems from New Orleans, United States, at the end of the 19th century. Jazz music is a mixture of different types of music, including blues, ragtime, brass-band, traditional European music and African native rhythms. The main instruments often used in jazz music in general are piano, bass, drums, guitar, saxophone, trombone, and trumpet.

2. Rhythm and Blues music

R & B music consists of various types of popular music that are interlinked. Music rhythm and blues better known as R & B music has several genres, such as, jump blues, club blues, black rock n ‘roll, soul, funk, disco and rap. In Indonesia, R & B music began to appear around the 1990s. This music continues to grow until now. Some Indonesian musicians who brought the type of R & B music, among others, Glen Fredly and Rio Febrian.

3. Pop Music

This music developed in Indonesia around the 1960s and much-loved people, especially young people or adolescents. Pop groups are often referred to as bands that use electronic or modern equipment. Some musicians and pop bands Indonesia, among others, Titiek Puspa, Chrisye, Katon Bagaskara, Melly Goeslaw, bands Peterpan, Ada Band, Kla Project and so forth. And with Indonesian artists, among others, Kris Dayanti, Ari laso, Ruth Sahanaya, and others.

4. Rock Music

This type of music was originally in Indonesia received criticism and public humiliation, including in America itself where the growth of this music. But in the end in its development, rock music can be accepted as music today (modern music).

5. Country Music

This music is often called Country and Western, which is one of the major genres in popular music especially in the United States. This type of modern music is sourced from folk music (folk song) or traditional music that comes from Appalachia in the mountains of the southern United States.

The embryo of this music is from folk songs brought by their ancestors immigrants from the British archipelago. The characteristic of Country is the use of bass or bass alternation alternated on the sidelines of strumming. In Indonesia itself, Country music has entered in the early 1980s. But the popularity of this type of music decreases with the development.

6. Reggae music

Reggae is a growing musical rhythm in Jamaica. Reggae may be used in wide feelings to point to most of Jamaican music, including Ska, rocksteady, dub, dancehall, and ragga. Perhaps the term also lies in distinguishing the meticulous style once it comes from the late 1960s.

Some of the famous names in the world of Reggae music in Indomesia include Tony Q, Ras Muhammad, Steven & Coconuttreez, Joni Agung (Bali), New Rastafara Yogyakarta.

7. Dangdut music

This music has been around for a long time in INDONESIA, this music is no stranger to our ears.Dangdut, its features: simple melody and harmony, minor minor tone, expression based on harmony of lyrics, constant beats, more emphasis on the beauty of motion and more fun again music This is similar to Indian music…

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Keroncong Music came to Indonesia around 1512, when the Portuguese expedition led by Alfonso de Albuquerque came to Malacca and Maluku in 1512. Of course, the Portuguese sailors brought the Fado song, the Arabic folk song Arabic (minor scales, Because the Moorish Arabs once colonized the Portuguese / Spanish in 711 – 1492. Fado songs still exist in Latin America (former Spanish colonies), as sung by Trio Los Panchos or Los Paraguayos, as well as songs in West Sumatra.

When the Portuguese prisoners and Goa (India) slaves in Village were liberated in 1661 by the Dutch East Indies Government, they were required to convert from Catholicism to Protestantism, so the habit of singing Fado’s song should be singing as in the Protestant Church, major scale. Furthermore, in 1880 Keroncong music was born, and this early Keroncong music also influenced the Hawaiian song in the major scale, which is also growing rapidly in Indonesia.


Keroncong is one of the Indonesian folk music that developed since the XIX century, divided into three developments: keroncong tempo doeloe (1880-1920), abadi cross (1920-1960), and modern keroncong (1960-present). Keroncong is a kind of Indonesian music that has a historical relationship with a kind of Portuguese music known as fado. The history of keroncong in Indonesia can be drawn to the end of the 16th century, when the Portuguese power began to weaken in the archipelago.

Keroncong originated from the music played by slaves and Portuguese officers from the Indian mainland (Goa) and Maluku. Early form of music is called moresco, which is accompanied by musical instrument dawai. development, entering a number of traditional elements of the archipelago, such as the use of flute and some components of the gamelan. In the nineteenth century this form of mixed music was popular in many parts of the archipelago, even to the Malay Peninsula. This golden age continued until about the 1960s, and then dimmed as a result of the influx of popular music waves (rock music that developed since 1950 , And the richness of Beatle music and the like since 1961 until now). Nevertheless, keroncong music is still played and enjoyed by various layers of society in Indonesia and Malaysia until now.


original concrete

Original Keroncong consists of 28 bars without intro and koda in a 4/4 bar. The shape of the song is three sections of A-B-C which are sung twice. Examples of original keroncong songs are Keroncong Broom Lid creations NN, Keroncong Pure Goddess creation Sariwono and Oetjin N, and Keroncong Suci creation Ismail Marzuki.

keroncong langgam

Song keroncong style consisting of 32 bars without intro and koda with a sign 4/4. The shape of the song is A-A-B-A. Song keroncong style usually performed twice but on repetition of both parts AA performed instrumental and vocals then in sentence B then followed by part A. Examples of keroncong songs styles are Langgam Bengawan Solo creation Gesang, Langgam Solo City creation Samsidi, and Langgam Pahlawan Merdeka creation Ismail Marzuki.

stambul concrete

Examples of keroncong stambul song is Stambul Debut Creation Ismail Marzuki and Stambul Baju Biru NN. Kind of keroncong song Stambul has two forms, namely Stambul I and Stambul II. Explanation song keroncong stambul type is as follows: Keroncong Stambul I. Song Keroncong Stambul I has the characteristics of a number of bourees of 16, 4/4 bars, A-B sentences, and improvised poetry. Kind of keroncong song Stambul I is often shaped music and vocals mutually shouted, namely two instrumental bars and the next two filled by vocals. And so on until the song ends. Keroncong Stambul II. Song of Keroncong Stambul II has the characteristic of the number of barbeers twice 16 bars in the 4/4 bar. The form of the phrase song keroncong Stambul II is A-B with the lyrics of improvisation.

Extra keroncong

The extra keroncong song type is a deviant form of the three types of keroncong above. Extra keroncong songs are cheerful and witty and influenced by Malay music.

keroncong music tools

In its earliest form, moresco is accompanied by string music, such as violin, ukulele, and cello. Percussion is also sometimes used. This kind of orchestra is still used by keroncong Tugu, a form of keroncong still played by the community of Portuguese slave descendants from Ambon who live in Kampung Tugu, North Jakarta, which then develops southwards in Kemayoran and Gambir by the Betawi people mingle with the music of Tanjidor (year 1880-1920). In 1920-1960 the center of development moved to Solo, and adapted to a slower rhythm according to the nature of the Javanese.
The “indigenous” -the Keroncong converts

keroncong music tools

In its earliest form, moresco is accompanied by string music, such as violin, ukulele, and cello. Percussion is also sometimes used. This kind of orchestra is still used by keroncong

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The facts behind the K-pop struggle

Toppers one of the K-Pop  Often hear K-pop songs or even willing to watch concerts of K-Pop artists? Indeed Korean fever that lately struck hard to avoid. How not? Our eyes are served by the faces of the clear Korean artist, the female artist or his man though. Our ears are also spoiled with the melodious sound of those who although we do not really understand the contents of the song sung but, still we can enjoy the songs – origin of the country’s ginseng.

K-Pop fever that infects almost the entire world, making K-Pop designations for those who idolize K-Pop artists are increasing in number. In fact, not infrequently these K-Pop fans form their own fanbase or fandom to support their favorite artist or K-pop group. Starting from Super Junior, SNSD, 2NE1, EXO, Big Bang and many more.

Well, now K-Pop here want to reveal some surprising facts from the world of K-Pop. Behind the perfection of their appearance on the glass screen that makes us not bored – bored for worshiping it but, there are some facts that maybe you just do not know. Definitely curious right?

Fact K-pop

It takes skill and appearance

It is certain to become an idol required a complete package, ranging from visuals that are not bored in the eyes and skills owned. To become a K-Pop idol in Korea the ultimate must-have skills are singing and dancing skills. But, not infrequently also required good acting skills. What is definitely important talent that can entertain the audience. Unfortunately really Toppers if only capital looks but, do not have any ability.

Long training time

In South Korea to be an artist or idol can not be arbitrary, especially with an instant way. Prior to being an ordained artist, these artist or trainee candidates will undergo training in advance to hone their skills and abilities to be more mature. This training is done by each artist management company in South Korea. For the training itself is different – different Toppers, there are only a few months or there are also up to 10 years to go! With the long training period, no rare few trainees got frustrated and finally resigned.
Create Toppers that update with K-Pop definitely no stranger with three of the most famous entertainment artist company in South Korea. SM, YG, and JYP are referred to as Big Three Entertainment in South Korea. Because these three management artists managed to make successful and famous idol artists and idol groups out of Asia. Due to the success of the artists, the top three artist management in South Korea are also listed as the largest revenue management company you know! In addition to the three management artists, there are also some artist management in Korea that began to be reckoned with Star ship Entertainment, Cube Entertainment, Loen Entertainment and others.

Stay in dorm

The artists who have debuted usually provided a dorm. Why? In order for the artist is easier to run. Especially for an idol group, living in the dorm is also intended so that they can get to know each other and close to each other. Because group cohesiveness is so important, by staying in one dorm for a long time, their cohesiveness will also be established.


The existence of Fandom in South Korea is not a strange thing anymore. Almost every artist in Korea has their own fandom. The bigger the fandom, the more popular the artist is. Because support from the fandom itself greatly affects the popularity of the artist. Fandom in Korea also has their own respective names representing the idol artist.  Girl’s Generation with fandom Sone, Super Junior which has the title fandom Elf, Big Bang with VIP and many more. In addition, the fandom is also marked with a from each group or artist. In South Korea is used as a form to support idols who are performing on stage.  used also has its own color that represents the idol.
Fans who are fanatical

Toppers one of the K-Pop Often hear K-pop songs or even willing to watch concerts of K-Pop artists? Indeed Korean fever that lately struck hard to avoid. How not? Our eyes are served by the faces of the clear Korean artist, the female artist or his man though. Our ears are also spoiled with the melodious sound of those who although we do not really understand the contents of the song sung but, still we can enjoy the songs – origin of the country’s ginseng.

K-Pop fever that infects almost the entire world, making K-Pop or designations for those who idolize K-Pop artists are increasing in number. In fact, not infrequently these K-Pop fans form their own fan base or fandom to support their favorite artist or K-pop group. Starting from Super Junior, …

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The history of pop music began in World War I in 1918. In the United States, this musical flow began in the fun in 1920. Pop music itself is derived from the popular word so do not be surprised if from time to time this musical flow is always a lot of devotees.

The character who introduced the term pop is Lawrence Alloway,an observer of art inspired by pop names from art movements in America and England. Pop music in Latin America pop music began in the know in 1920 as well as the music accompaniment of tango dancers that have minor and melancholy tone.

Between 1920 and 1940, Pop Music began to be one of the most beautiful music in the world with various rhythms such as Rhumba, Samba, Conga, Salsa, Mambo and many other types. Pop music never faded from time to time because of its easy listening music. In addition, the music is supported by the use of various technological innovations and is not limited to only one particular stream.

For example,
The tones generated from the mixing process or the electric guitar can be varied and pleasant to hear, so pop music and popular music are quite different. All the music in the fun called the popular music. There are about 25 types of popular music such as HipHop, R & B, Rock, Reggae, Metal, Alternative Pop, and others. Thus, the history of pop music comes influenced by other music.

The legend of world pop music pioneered by The Beatles symbolizes the rebellion against musical establishment. Their position reached the top level of the world so no wonder if the music is immortal. The Beatles Become an Idol from almost all Generation

In addition to The Beatles, there are also Rolling Stones and ABBA famous pop musicians of his era. In the 1960s The Beatles with several other pop artists such as Frankie Avalon, Bob Dylan, Marvin Gaye, Sonny and Cher, Aretha Franklin created an easy listening pop music history by mixing various elements.

Beginning in the 1970s, there were musicians who mixed the flow of pop with the flow of Disco and Rock including the Earth wind & Fire, The Jackson Five, Donna Summer, Elton John, Rod Steward and Billy Joel. According to Grove Music Online, pop music still overlaps with the style of Rock n Roll music.

Michael Jackson and Madonna were also influential musicians in the history of pop music in the 1980s. Musicians of pop music history Punk that emerged in the mid-1990s, among others, Green Day, The OffSpring, then followed Blink 182. During the 1990s, Pop music in combination with elements of the R & B genre to produce pop stars such as Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, TLC, and Brandy. For some vocalists like Jewel, Nirvana, Eric Clapton, Tori Amos will be felt once the flow of Rock on their pop music.…

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Learning the guitar is a difficult but easy case. Sometimes there are people who already have the talent to be able to play the guitar very easily. But there are also people who are less talented in playing guitar while learning the guitar is rather difficult to master it.But you do not have to despair if you can not play guitar, because in busyness you can not play guitar. How to ?
How to Learn to Set a Guitar Chord.

How to set this guitar key can be done in several ways, by tuning with a standard tuning, then tuning the guitar using a tuner (guitar effects and applications of android), and the latter matching with other instruments, also can use harmonic techniques.
In guitar playing, you will involve a person’s soul and feelings. For that if you want to learn guitar quickly and easily, you should be able to animate between the strings you picked with yourself, so you will be easier to understand. Here are tips on playing guitar for beginners:

1. Choose Instruction from Book / Internet

The Internet is where science is. Whatever you need is always available on the internet. You can use to learn guitar with self-taught. As in this article, we try to review about how to learn guitar that is easy for beginners.

In addition, to keep you consistent learning and training, try creating a daily agenda. In addition you can create a specific target. This is done so you can master how to play the guitar with a short time. It all depends on your intention and spirit. At least within 1 month you should be able to bring a song to play.

2. Learn From a Professional Musician

Once you are able to match the basic guitar chord, improve your ability. One of these skills is to often see your favotit musician performing. That way will arise own motivation to always practice so you can like him. That’s one way how you can be good at playing guitar quickly.

3. Learn Part In Guitar

Well this is also one very important factor. You should learn the parts contained in the guitar. This will increase your insight on how to produce a good sound to hear.

4. Exercise Routinely

The theory alone is not enough to make you proficient in playing the guitar. Therefore you should also exercise regularly to get your hands accustomed to pressing the strings according to the basic guitar chord. What was not used to, when you practice continuously you will become a regular and eventually become proficient. You can spend some time on guitar learning exercises. If the difficulty learning self-taught, you can be accompanied by friends or your family who are adept at playing the guitar.

5. Train Hand Muscle Memory

When you’ve adjusted your finger with the basic chord of the guitar, the next exercise is to practice playing the guitar without seeing your guitar strings. How to ? yes as described above, you should continue to practice often, so that your hands are familiar with the position of the strings and fretnya. Try to focus on a song, until finally you can play the song without seeing the strings. Exercise continues and keep

6. Manage The Fist At Your Fingertips

So what if my hand is too small size that can not hold the guitar perfectly? You just throw away the term can not be. Change into “I must be” then later you will be and will get used to holding the guitar perfectly.

7. Build the Strength of Your Hand Fret

You can practice the strength of your hand fret by squeezing a similar object like a ball for about 5 minutes. This aims to keep your hands not rigid in playing the guitar. If there is no object that is like a ball, you can also use squishy or sponge to train the power of your hand fret.

8. Start to Play a Song

After going through a very long stage, surely you are now getting used to playing the guitar. Well, this is the time for you to practice to play a song. The point is if you can not master a song, you can not be used to move to another song. Focus first with one song, if you are new to the new may move. That’s a brief explanation of how to learn guitar that is easy for you beginner. Hope can increase your insight…

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A busy life and various pressures that arise can make a person difficult to sleep, but listening to music is known to help. Then what kind of music can make people easy to sleep? The quality of sleep a person has depends on good habits and good hygiene. To be able to get a good night’s sleep, one must relax in terms of mind and body. In this case music can help people fall asleep and these benefits are already known by experts.

In an article published in the American Journal of Critical Care, research shows the most relaxing music that comes from string instruments such as percussion which plays 60 beats per minute well to make the heart rest. While in a 2005 study published Journal of Advanced Nursing found music can improve the quality of sleep in adults. Participants received improved sleep quality by 35 percent after listening to music 45 minutes at bedtime.

Types of Music That Can Improve Sleep Quality

The combination of quiet music with relaxation techniques can help a person get a more effective sleep quality, and make it easier to sleep as quoted from Live strong. Spread the soothing music at a soft volume so that the body relaxes the muscles from the legs until the head followed by sighing and breathing in slowly. Try classical music, only melodies without lyrics or lullabies are widely used for babies.

But you should avoid rock music or other loud rhythms because it is not conducive to trigger sleep, but will make the body wake up and excited. This music choice is better used when waking up. Listening to soothing music not only makes it easier to fall asleep, it can also distract a person from stress, lower anxiety levels and a good response to relaxation.

Relieve Stress with the Right Music Choice

 Surprisingly, the flute-like instruments, and blow-up instruments of the Celtic Indians are very effective in reconciling the mind, even when played in moderate volume. There are also those who like the sound of rain combined with musical instruments. So how to determine the type of music that fits? The answer is simple, just choose which one likes. But do not force yourself to listen to it until it is finished, because it will increase the tension, not defuse it.

Everyone’s tastes and needs vary. Check out the music recommendations above, and choose which one likes. After a day of adrenalin rush, take time to calm your mind and rest. When the body comes back in shape, keep your body stamina with multi ginseng contained in a bottle of Proman Energe nesis. Then the daily activities will be maintained with extra long power. Good luck!


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Traditional Korean music is a type of music played by Korean people using Korean musical instruments, both in North Korea and in South Korea. In South Korea the term is a jeontong eum-ak or guk-ak whilst in North Korea called minjok eum-ak.


A. Military Music

Chwita is a kind of military music played at the palace when the main gate is opened to welcome the returning king of the trip, also to welcome foreign envoys or military parades. Chwita music is played with a wide variety of great musical instruments and is dominated by a taepyeongso music instrument that plays the main melody, chwita music begins with the voice of a music leader shouting “Myonggeum-iha  daechwita!” By picking up his wand. The chwita music game has 5 repertoires: chwita-gilgunak-giltaryong-byeoljutaryong-gunak.

B. Pansori

Pansori is a kind of traditional Korean voice art that uses natural sound to reach the maximum limit in a unique way. Pansori is known as a traditional Korean opera, consisting of a long story sung by a performer. Pansori presented to the audience by collaborating three things. Ie aniri (narration / story), sorry (singing), and ballim (acting / acting). The pansori lyrics represent the emotions of ordinary and open-minded folk. Pansori is an art that has existed since ancient times until the 18th century. The heyday of pansori is in the 19th century until the beginning of the 20th century. Typically, pansori performances are performed for 8 hours, but currently only for one to two hours.

C. Nongak

Nongak is a farmer music game performed by a musician group consisting of farmers (nongaktae).
Currently, nongak music (nongak nori) is based on various activities, such as village rituals (gut), military exercises, work activities, or purely entertainment. The four main types of music instruments nongak is kwaenggwari (small gong), janggo (long drums), buk (large drums) and jing (big gong). Other music players play sogo music instruments (small drums) and blow nabal (trumpet).

D. Samul nori

Samul nori is a type of traditional music game that is rooted in art entertaining entertainer groups (namsadangpae) in the past. Samul nori is called urban music that is played by sitting to concentrate rhythmic music game.

E. Ariranga

Arirang is the most popular kind of folk song in Korea. In his time, Arirang became a symbol of the independence movement against Japanese occupation. The origins of Arirang are known based on folklore, but the creator is unknown.…

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