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The medical fraternity is undergoing major changes from the technology that is seamlessly being merged with old versions, to ensure that patients get the best care through these proven medical techniques. Some of the ideas may be new, whereas some have been in existence for long and have undergone improvement from the year 2017 going forward. This article discusses some of the new technology and medical equipment that has been introduced in our medical fraternity this year.

Portable Sensors for Air Quality
to provide the necessary protection to any hospital or portable units which rush where a medical crisis has hit, Plume Labs revealed a Flow device during the CES Show at the beginning of 2017. As much as the device might appear to be small it is important in regularly checking the levels of dust, exhaust fumes, dangerous gases, and chemical locations within a health facility. Every element that has been mentioned above can cause critical concerns on any hospital and health facility that has an environment that has not been sterilized in ensuring that the patients recover fully.

The device is designed in a way that it displays different colors when it senses an element and uses the colors to alert its user accordingly. The data that is collected by the device is synchronized for review of its findings on a mobile app. A map on real-time pollution across the US is getting developed by use of crowdsourcing from people who are currently using the device.

It Monitors your Blood Pressure and Provides Data

In the UK and the United States, there is a wireless device known as Omron Evolv that monitors blood pressure whether it is during the night or day time. Results that have been obtained from the gadget so far have been accurate medically, and you should not go looking for more strapping in any blood pressure gadget while hoping it will throw off some of the results. The data is recordable, and you can share it with your caregivers like friends and family, or your doctor.

Sophisticated technology has been used on this device. The device has been made in a smart way that it can mitigate any change that may occur on blood pressure irrespective of whether you are seated or moving. The readings which are accurate are fed on the Omron Connect application which makes it easier to review the data on iOS or Android mobile device.

The accelerating development of medical technologies is improving patient care for both out and in patients.

Doctors can now use the digital home monitors in reducing their number of appointment that is required for follow-up. High numbers of follow-up schedules for doctors can now be reduced by use of this home monitoring digital device.