What is the Role of Art in Public Spaces?

o be inspired, what does this actually mean? It can be interpreted in many different ways, but all with the same type of meaning. A person you admire and get strength from can inspire you to go on and be just like them. Whether this means going to school, getting a degree in their field, to follow in their footsteps. Reading what someone writes, also spreads inspiration, to encourage you to be a better person, or feel better in general. Inspiration with art can be used in all these ways, and more. You can also get inspiration, by taking some quiet time and enjoying nature.

Art can be described as “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination”, as taken from Dictionary.com. This can be poetry, or sayings, paintings, murals, pottery, landscaping, dance, music, photographing, or sculptures. If it makes you feel good, it is usually art. The new movement, as taken by example from Portland Oregon, long known for its artists, and as the art capital of America, is to incorporate art into cities, and towns all across America.

This can mean, adding sculptures sporadically around your town. They can be at the town hall, parks, playgrounds, libraries and more.

Murals are painted on older buildings in the “old” sections of town. Paintings and drawings are now hung in hospitals for people to gaze and reflect upon while visiting or getting ready for a procedure. This relaxes people when they are there. There is even street art, where certain neighborhoods have paintings on the roads. The idea is to get people out more often, especially in a downtown district, to encourage people mixing, mingling, and just enjoying their places of living.

Many towns and cities now have festivals, and music gatherings for their citizens to get out an enjoy themselves and “meet” their neighbors. It also encourages tourism, to help the town grow, not only economically, but spiritually, as well. Where does the “art” come from? The cities will advertise to have certain types of art done throughout the city. It has to be advertised to allow for local artists to enter and be accepted for their artwork, as well as people from all over.

Generally, a city will hire public art companies to assist with gathering “art” for their cities. They tell them what they are looking for in art. Maybe it has to be specifically reflective of the local area, or maybe it can be a bunch of different things. These companies usually will host the contests, and advertise for the city, as they know where to target for aspiring artists. They can help plan events and festivals as well.

Cities have enough to do, with maintaining public areas and scheduling events. IT is a good idea to hire outside help, that knows all the ins and outs of artists visualizations. These specialty art companies round up all the prospective art designs and present them to the town for final approval. They handle the acquisition, necessary documents, and display set up.

The end result is thriving artfully cultural areas for citizens to enjoy. It makes for a great place to visit and explore, looking for more inspirations things to see around your town. It can be on the sidewalk beneath you, sculptures you pass by, banners hung from street lamps, in a bench, you sit on, in fencing, on walls or even just the landscaping. Whatever gives you the “inspiration” to have a good day, or pass on the feeling to someone else. This is what “art” does for people every day. Go out and get your inspiration today.