The exhibition Three Perfections: Poetry, Calligraphy and Painting in Chinese Art explores the interconnections between poetry, calligraphy and portray. Chairman of the Artists Affiliation of Guizhou Province Hongwei Chen and Vice Chairman of the Artists Association of Guizhou Province Qiongde Cao exchanged plans and ideas for additional collaboration and trade programs between the Artists Association and William Paterson College.

Visiting artist to the Vladimir National Normal College, Russia in 2001. In 2011, Skinner offered Album Leaves for $1.2 Million, a work together with paintings by modern Chinese artists such as Zhang Daqian. TheĀ Mustard Seed Garden Handbook of PaintingĀ has been an essential textbook for the acquisition of portray skills for generations of scholars from the Qing dynasty to immediately.

Additionally in attendance were: Dr. Warren Sandmann, Provost and Senior Vice President for Tutorial Affairs, Ms. Pamela L. Ferguson, Vice President for Institutional Advancement and President, William Paterson University Basis Board, Professor Daryl Joseph Moore, Dean of the Faculty of the Arts and Communication, Mr. Spencer Scott, Director of Main Gifts and Gift Planning, Mr. Zheshu Xie, World Journal’s Journalist, and Professor Zhiyuan Cong, Director of the Center for Chinese language Art.

Zhiyuan Cong, both praising the long term student and school change programs between Guizhou Minzu College and William Paterson University, and talking extremely of their collaboration for artwork exhibitions and the 2015 Summer Art in China Program.

Cooperators: The Artists Affiliation of Guizhou Province. The Shanghai Faculty challenged and broke the literati tradition of Chinese language art, whereas also paying technical homage to the ancient masters and improving on present traditional techniques.