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Traditional Chinese Musical Instruments

Traditional Chinese Musical Instruments


At the beginning of the reformation and openness to the outside world in the 1980s, in China there has been a fever learning to play piano and violin. Now more and more Chinese people are more interested in traditional Chinese musical instruments. According to the first statistics of China National Sword Competition, in China there are one million people who learn to play Guzheng musical instruments and 800 thousand others learn to play Erhu, a kind of stringed stringed instrument, and the number is still increasing.

National music education in China in recent years has achieved prominent achievements. In various musical conservatories and art teacher university majors, national music subjects are held that each year successfully educate many high-end music players. Not a few major national music majors are now also open strata two and strata three education programs, so research in the field of national music is more profound and more professional.

In addition, the Chinese government is concerned with the excavation and protection of national music. Since the 1980s, the Chinese government has spent enormous amounts of money to organize folk musicians and artists to compose the People’s Songs of Folk Songs, the National Music Collection of China, the Opera Music Bundles and the Chinese Ballads of Music. Feng Guangyu’s musical theorist says the collections almost cover all the music that is spread among the people since the historical record in China. The names of traditional Chinese instruments are:

Yangqin is a stringed instrument and struck China. His voice is loud and has a strong expressive power, so it has an important position in traditional music performances.


Guzheng or Kecapi China includes the most popular Chinese traditional instruments. Guzheng has a box-like shape that is convex and made of wood as a sound box, on which spans 21 strings. In the middle of the string is placed a wedge that can be shifted to increase or decrease the tone frequency.

Er Hu

Erhu is the most popular Chinese traditional instrument besides Guzheng and Dizi.