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Tips on introducing traditional music in children


Music turned out to be more than entertainment. Music can be a medium of learning from an early age even offering lifelong benefits. Music has many benefits. Music clearly affects a person’s ability to control emotions, sharpen sensitivity, and awaken an appreciation of beauty. Music is also part of the culture, so getting to know music means getting to know the cultures involved in it. In addition to the appreciation of art, music brings a concrete effect that is useful for everyday life.

Parents mostly choose modern musical instruments to be introduced to children. Piano, violin, drums, and the like, are the most commonly used musical instruments for children’s learning. Does that mean traditional musical instruments can not be used for learning? Is the instrument is already endangered because it is no longer useful for the younger generation? No. There are some other plus points you can get from introducing traditional musical instruments to children. Benefits of traditional musical instruments

  1. you will involve your child to learn history.
  2. by learning traditional music, your child will also be able to distinguish different pitch points from each instrument. That way, musical sensitivity, and intelligence will be more honed.
  3. learning from traditional musical instruments means also studying other traditional arts because traditional musical instruments can not be released away from the arts that follow.

How to introduce a traditional musical instrument is not to have to buy it directly on the child. As for introducing traditional music tips to children among others are:

  1. invited the little guy to visit the museum of traditional musical instruments and introduce the original music
  2. take your child to watch traditional art that can trigger his interest in traditional music arts
  3. just get your child to attend traditional ceremonies that are loaded with traditional music.
  4. Embed in your child that traditional music is not inferior to foreign music.

Mastering traditional musical instruments is as prestigious as mastering foreign musical instruments. That way, your child will not be reluctant to start learning the original art from his own country.