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Why Multi Factor Authentication Is the Best IT Security Method for You Choosing the best IT security method is a challenge among a number of IT service providers in this modern day and age. Even so, there seems to be one thing in common that majority of IT service providers look for in IT security. What these IT service providers are looking for is the best authentication solution when it comes to the passwords of their clients so that they will know that they are being protected at all times. There is no denying that a number of business establishments have the time of their employees wasted just to have their passwords reset. Moreover, you seldom see companies that claim that their password security systems are really a hundred percent reliable. These are some of the reasons why in terms of IT security, you must make sure to provide your clients with the best authentication solution. This will be very good to your clients and you as the IT service provider because they will rely more on your IT security provision for them. If you are thinking of getting the best authentication solution in the current times, then it is a must that you choose a secure MFA or multi-factor authentication product.
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There are several benefits of multi-factor authentication products, and they are as follows.
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What sets multi-factor authentication apart from other authentication solutions is that you will only be allowed to access a system when you are able to show at least two or even more authentication factors. There are three common factors of authentication in a secure MFA, and they include knowledge (something that you know), inherence (something that you are), and possession (something that you have). If you talk about the business establishments today, they are only relying on one authentication factor in their IT security and that is the knowledge factor or you consider them passwords. However, more and more business establishments are making use of secure MFA or multi-factor authentication as security attacks and phishing have become increased. What sets a secure MFA or multi-factor authentication apart from the previous encryption options is that you are not only allowed to enter your password because you have to also enter other authentication factors of yours. This guarantees you better IT security that will be very hard even for the expert hackers to infiltrate your systems. You can even see companies nowadays that take advantage of the inherence factor, that is something that you are, to be granted access to something in the form of biometric scan of iris or fingerprint. There are also those that go for the more cheap alternative, that is the possession factor. The users will be able to provide proof of who they are based on what they have such as having a code that will be processed from their mobile app or handheld token keychain.