Finding Ways to Connect with a Beloved Piece of Media

Movies and TV can mean a lot over the course of our lives. Sometimes there’s the simple fact that we’re moved by the story and actors who bring it to life. We might also experience what it’s like to watch something with a person who means a lot to us. Movies and TV, like music, have a way of expressing our feelings for people. Often times the story of a TV show or movie can express what our own words cannot.

This is hardly a unique experience though. In fact, people have been finding ways to relate to this experience for a very long time now. One way to celebrate the connections we form through media is by offering up some keepsake of it. With live filming this is sometimes accomplished by exchanging tickets to a filming. Of course, this is more suited to plays and live TV than it is a movie. But even then, we can look back into the past and see some other ways in which this was typically handled.

Plays were in many ways the movies of their day. The screenplay is of course analogous to a script studied by the actors. But this also shows how the audience members were able to hold onto the feeling of being a part of that experience. Shakespeare is perhaps the easiest example for people to recognize from their own lives.

Most people have a great deal of experience with Shakespeare’s plays. But little of this has to do with actually watching them. We typically study his scripts in school rather than watching the performances. This is how people in the day would keep close to the material. They’d hold on to scripts. What’s interesting is that we can do this with more modern forms of media as well.

Today we’d use something like as broadcast scripts. The name refers to the fact that the scripts depict the events that were broadcast. This can differ significantly from the original scripts. During production it’s not at all uncommon for things to change around over time. Actors might gain or lose lines. An ad-lib might end up as part of the production. And it goes on from there. In general, one needs to consider any movie or TV show a work in progress right up until the point where it’s been broadcast.

The script as broadcast refers to the fact that the script will match up to the material people are familiar with. And this is what can really highlight one’s connection to the material. It’s a solid and immersible connection to some beloved material. It makes a fantastic way to mark one’s connection to the material. And the scripts can prove to be an even better way to commemorate a connection shared with a loved one. For example, a husband might remember watching a movie with his wife at a point when they were just falling in love. This could make a script the perfect gift to her so that they could share the moment all over again.