Why Music Listening

Our everyday life never gets out of music. Listening to music is an activity that is always done by many people, whenever and wherever. When being alone, learning, doing a task, or on a journey of beautiful tones never stops accompanying.

Through many studies that have been done by many experts, it turns out the habit of listening to music has great positive benefits for a person. There is a reason behind why it’s easier to concentrate while listening to music or listening to music when you’re sad or happy to build a comfortable atmosphere.

Make Happy

Feeling sad? Try listening to music. According to a study, when a person listens to music, his body produces dopamine hormone. Formed in the brain, this hormone acts as a neurotransmitter that sends a happy stimulus to one’s body. The sense of fun generated by this music that makes us want to sway, hum, or feel goosebumps while listening to the song.

Reduce Stress

In a state of stress, the body produces excess hormone cortisol. As a result, the brain will find it difficult to concentrate, decreased body resistance, until blood pressure rises dramatically. Listening to soothing classical music can make a person think more clearly when stress. Quiet music is believed to lower levels of the hormone cortisol in the body is very dangerous.

Improve Sleep Quality

More than 30% of the world’s population has symptoms of sleeplessness and insomnia. The habit to stay awake at night has a very bad impact when it comes to activity the next day. A study showed that listening to music 45 minutes before bedtime and avoiding contact with a computer screen, television, or smartphone can reduce the symptoms of difficulty sleeping. Classical music such as Bach or Mozart is the most appropriate music as lullabies.

Increases IQ, Learning Ability, and Brain Memory

A study conducted by Stanford University School of Medicine, concluded if music can stimulate the brain to quickly absorb the information received and improve the ability to think. Familiarizing children to listen and learn to play a musical instrument can also increase one’s IQ. It also has an influence with their academic achievement. Children who are introduced to music early on have better academic results than others.

Accelerate the Healing Process

Just undergoing surgery, listening to music can be one way to speed up the healing process after surgery. The choice of songs that are meditative or favorite songs of the patient can reduce the pain that arises after surgery and speed up the healing process. Renowned musician Bob Marley once said “Listen to music you love take your pain away.”

Familiarize yourself to listen to music is not a difficult thing even has become a routine activity that has been done anytime and anywhere can turn out to have enormous benefits. Just as reading, getting used to reading has a huge and useful benefit. The presence of Kurio app makes reading so much easier. Like listening to music, reading the latest information through Kurio can be done anytime and anywhere. Continue to use Kurio to keep up with the latest useful information.