The benefits of music for the health of the body

Music does have great benefits such as language training, concentration improvement, as an encouragement, to strengthen memory as well as to train physical coordination and much more. But of course not all the activities of listening to music is useful, it could be very detrimental when we listen to music very hard so to break the concentration. The type of music that is still believed to be very useful is classical music. Listening to music improves memory and nourishes the brain as you get older. Here are 3 reasons why we need to listen to music.

Can reduce blood pressure

Listening to classical music for at least 30 minutes every day, significantly reducing high blood pressure. Incredible is not it? So if you have high blood pressure, classical music can be a therapy. You may often see a movie scene of a workout while listening to music is not it? Exercising while listening to music has multiple benefits. Because it can improve the ability to run, can motivate the sport, stamina is maintained, and can restore stamina faster than exercising without music.

Improve visual and verbal skills

A study conducted on children aged 8 to 11 mentions that children who follow additional music activities have a higher level of visual and oral IQ than children who do not get additional music classes. In another study in children aged 4 to 6 years mentions a child who was given music training for one month turned out the ability to understand the words and their significance increased significantly. In the study, these little children were given music training that included melody, tone, rhythm, and a musical concert base. As for adults themselves, music can make our brains sharper and keep the brain healthy with age.

Improve immunity

Experts assure us that any kind of music can trigger positive emotions that can increase the hormones of immune production. If the immune function of the body is good, it certainly will prevent from various diseases. Singing or listening to music is also able to reduce stress.