The development of music in Indonesia happens so very fast, until the traditional music2 area we are almost forgotten just gara2 growing and development of non-traditional music or modern music. Though traditional music in Indonesia is none other than music that was born and maintained in Indonesia. This traditional music is greatly influenced by the customs, even the religion and the structure of the society of each region. However, over time, these changes and changes occur because of the arrival of foreign nation to Indonesia, and some others because of the progress of the times.


The development of non-traditional music in Indonesia, many influenced by the music – music from abroad. As a result of the influence of foreign music that resulted in the color (pattern) music – music in Indonesia vary. There is influence from the West, Middle East, India, China and so forth.


In contrast to traditional music, non-traditional music or often referred to as modern music, is not born from the culture of a particular society. The music is built on one clear composition rule, such as notation system, sign, texture, and instrument known to the public widely and easily learned.

In addition modern music is open. That is, the composition and style of music is strongly influenced by the musical experience of the musicians of every time. Thus, criticism of a particular composition becomes commonplace. Not surprisingly, a certain composition or style of modern music became lost or abandoned by society and replaced with a new style of music.

A. Stream of Modern Music

1. Jazz Music

Jazz music is a type of music that was first developed by African-Americans. This music stems from New Orleans, United States, at the end of the 19th century. Jazz music is a mixture of different types of music, including blues, ragtime, brass-band, traditional European music and African native rhythms. The main instruments often used in jazz music in general are piano, bass, drums, guitar, saxophone, trombone, and trumpet.

2. Rhythm and Blues music

R & B music consists of various types of popular music that are interlinked. Music rhythm and blues better known as R & B music has several genres, such as, jump blues, club blues, black rock n ‘roll, soul, funk, disco and rap. In Indonesia, R & B music began to appear around the 1990s. This music continues to grow until now. Some Indonesian musicians who brought the type of R & B music, among others, Glen Fredly and Rio Febrian.

3. Pop Music

This music developed in Indonesia around the 1960s and much-loved people, especially young people or adolescents. Pop groups are often referred to as bands that use electronic or modern equipment. Some musicians and pop bands Indonesia, among others, Titiek Puspa, Chrisye, Katon Bagaskara, Melly Goeslaw, bands Peterpan, Ada Band, Kla Project and so forth. And with Indonesian artists, among others, Kris Dayanti, Ari laso, Ruth Sahanaya, and others.

4. Rock Music

This type of music was originally in Indonesia received criticism and public humiliation, including in America itself where the growth of this music. But in the end in its development, rock music can be accepted as music today (modern music).

5. Country Music

This music is often called Country and Western, which is one of the major genres in popular music especially in the United States. This type of modern music is sourced from folk music (folk song) or traditional music that comes from Appalachia in the mountains of the southern United States.

The embryo of this music is from folk songs brought by their ancestors immigrants from the British archipelago. The characteristic of Country is the use of bass or bass alternation alternated on the sidelines of strumming. In Indonesia itself, Country music has entered in the early 1980s. But the popularity of this type of music decreases with the development.

6. Reggae music

Reggae is a growing musical rhythm in Jamaica. Reggae may be used in wide feelings to point to most of Jamaican music, including Ska, rocksteady, dub, dancehall, and ragga. Perhaps the term also lies in distinguishing the meticulous style once it comes from the late 1960s.

Some of the famous names in the world of Reggae music in Indomesia include Tony Q, Ras Muhammad, Steven & Coconuttreez, Joni Agung (Bali), New Rastafara Yogyakarta.

7. Dangdut music

This music has been around for a long time in INDONESIA, this music is no stranger to our ears.Dangdut, its features: simple melody and harmony, minor minor tone, expression based on harmony of lyrics, constant beats, more emphasis on the beauty of motion and more fun again music This is similar to Indian music