Listening To Music Effects Too Loud

Who does not like listening to music? Music will be nice to hear when installed with the right volume. But the younger generation is very happy to hear music using earphones and put it on aloud. No wonder the current generation is called the gadget generation. It’s as if you can not live without hearing your favorite music in your gadget. This is the amazing phenomenon of the gadget culture, especially in the way of listening to music.

So what’s wrong with listening to music with a loud voice? Do you think the volume can damage the ears and other body parts? Many scientists claim that listening to music with a loud voice can damage your ears and brain, can even interfere with your overall body function. So what are the effects of loud music to the body?

Decreased hearing function

One of the biggest effects of listening to loud music is the decrease in hearing function. When the volume of music you listen to more than 90 decibels will start to damage the eardrum. You will begin to feel the sound of music buzzing throughout the ears and also your body. In many cases many temporary hearing loss events occur because they listen to music too loudly. But if this incident continues you can experience permanent hearing loss. Make sure you do not use earphones for long periods and make sure you put the volume on the right decibels

Nerve problems

Has anyone ever told you this? Listening to music that is too loud can actually make the nerves weak. You will feel a nerve damage takes place if you continue to listen to music in a loud voice. This means that the signal reaching the brain does not reach its destination and if this problem persists then there may be brain damage and other body functions.

Ear infections

Of course you’ve shared earphones with someone close to you is not it? Did you know that sharing your earphones allows you to spread the infection that comes from both your ear and the person you are sharing. Evil bacteria that live in the ear can be attached to the earphone and can be spread easily when using earphones together.

Decrease in concentration

When loud music is constantly attached to your ears indirectly your concentration will be divided and decreased. You will realize that listening to music can make your ability to work decreases.