Listen to music while sleeping

Listening to music is indeed one of the fun things. Not only that, listening to favorite music that we like can also change the mood for the better. The habit of listening to music is not just in the relaxed time. Sometimes many people who fill the time to sleep with still listening to music. This can usually make sleep feel more soundly.

Sleeping habits while listening to music, or watching television until falling asleep, or letting the lights in the room be brightly lit, is difficult to remove and according to some people such conditions make them become more quickly asleep. But in fact after awakening they feel more tense (stress). Some even feel like not sleeping all night.

But do you know? That sleeping while listening to this music turned out to be harmful to the health of our bodies. Therefore, bedtime is one thing that can make our body organs to rest. But when we sleep but handset still stuck to the ear with the sound of music that is heard. When you wake up you will feel a sense of stress or feel like not sleeping all day. This is because during sleep last night by listening to music. That means the brain is still working actively because it receives the music sound from the handset.

If this is done in a long time from going to sleep to wake up again in the morning, the brain will experience fatigue because there is no rest time during the day. Because automatically during the day you will start a re-activity that makes the brain will work again. Well, for it is recommended when we want to sleep better turn off lights, Gadgets, laptops and others – others. This is to support the body can rest up the maximum and sleep quality. Because the purpose of this quality sleep to help the body’s metabolism in order to return the next day can start the activity well.