There are many beautiful musical instruments. Each has its own style and character. Learning piano or one of the other musical instruments is very useful and fun. But why would someone choose a piano instead of another instrument? Why would a novice choose to learn piano than a flute or other instrument? There are many reasons to learn piano. Piano is one of the most varied instruments in Western music. A piano player can play almost any style of music. Piano has a high range. Piano can be played in classical music, pop, rock, jazz, blues and spiritual songs, and even more

The piano is polyphonic, giving it more wealth than any other instrument. With “polyphonic,” you can play more than one piano note at a time. In advanced piano music, players more often play piano chords than on a single piano note. Although music written for beginners can not use piano chords for each hand, beginner music is still written for each hand to create independent music and harmony. Two piano sounds, one for the right hand and one for the left, bring the complexity of sound that other instruments can not achieve.

Piano can be played as a solo instrument, or to accompany the sound or other instruments, or as part of a band or orchestra. So with regulation and orchestration, the piano is very versatile compared to other musical instruments. If a person has long studied piano, and adequate training then it is almost certain that he will be able to play any music.

Learn the piano to train novice musicians in ways other instruments can not. Pianos need dexterity, because pianists need to be able to use each finger from both hands independently. Even learning piano for beginners need to be able to read both treble clef and bass clef simultaneously. In addition, working with chords and two different sounds played by two different hands leads to an understanding of music theory and chord construction that most other instruments lack.

Of course, there is a significant drawback to choosing a piano. The piano is huge, heavy and difficult to move. While the violinist can take the instrument and carry it, the pianist can not travel with his piano. Even the price of used piano can be very expensive. It is difficult to place a very large piano, even the smallest piano size does not fit for small size homes or small apartments.

The electronic keyboard can offer an alternative to acoustic pianos. Small, portable and relatively inexpensive, an electronic keyboard can be a means for students to go through the piano learning phase for beginners and learn the right fingering and how to read music. Although they do not have sound quality as well as piano, the keyboard can be a good choice if the piano is not fit to be placed inside the house. In the end, the real reason to learn piano is because the piano is so beautiful. Elegant and unrivaled by other instruments, both upright pianos and grand pianos. An aspiring musician who is deciding to own a musical instrument can choose the piano as a right choice and start learning the piano.
Tricks how to learn piano easily.

Piano and Tricks How to Learn Piano with Ease:

Tricks how to learn piano easily is a lot, but like playing guitar of course you have to learn to play a chord or a guitar key. Well here you have to be able to play piano chords. If you are confused how to play the chords or keys on the piano. Here’s a trick how to learn piano below:

Decide Do Mi Sol

Do Mi Sol? What is that? Remember you often hear the word Do re mi fa sol la si do ‘right? Well, here to form your chord requires 3 basic tones Do-Mi-Sol is usually called the triad. In shaping your chords you need some adjustments and exercises. Slowly you need to practice the chord with your left hand only. You need to make your left hand comfortable. For example, when you play a basic tone C, then the tone needs to press the C-E-G keys to become a harmony-sounding triad chord. You can start by merging several notes on each of the keys to become a single chord that can be worth harmonizing. Therefore, you need to look for triads of some basic chords.

Determine the Major and Minor Tones

In learning the piano, of course almost the same as with the guitar, you also have to think of these two notes of the major scales and minor scales. In it you need to use some merges that are slightly different from those already described above. Major tones will be different from minor tones. Usually the tone or minor key will be nuanced sad and major happy nuances.

Equalize the Right and Left Hand

Well, this needs to be done and learned by beginners, why compensate for the piano playing on the right and left hand is hard, but in learning the piano you can do is to press the piano keys according to the left hand and right should press with the same. For example, when you press C key on the left hand of course you need to press C key also on right hand. Remember the balance of your hands as well.

Learning Songs

It is also important, in learning a musical instrument you need to learn and apply to existing works. An example is a song. You can find the key of your favorite song, so you can find the path or key of your favorite song. That way you will easily follow the game of a song.

Do not think too much first. Remember, you need to learn gradually, you can not learn an instrument game with one day. The instrumental game of the famous pianist pianist is quite difficult because of the many uses of the technique and takes a long time. Therefore, you can learn it by accompanying it as a rhythm of a song. Surely you can learn it with your time and your practice.