Influence Music For Pregnant Women

Many assumptions circulating in the community that pregnant women who listen to music can get various benefits. In fact, it is not uncommon that one particular type of music can make the fetus someday smarter. Pregnant women who intend to do this kind of stimulation should do with caution. Until now, experts have not been able to prove that playing music on the fetus can make it smarter. Although on the one hand, pregnant women who listen to music recognized more relaxed and easier to sleep.

Exciting Stimulus

The music can affect a person, including pregnant women. A study conducted in Germany revealed that the response indicated pregnant women are stronger against all types of music. The researchers conclude, music is a significant stimulus. Probably caused by high estrogen levels in pregnant women. The hormone affects the brain against pleasure when listening to music. Another researcher mentioned that music is beneficial for pregnant women because it can help feel relaxed and the condition is very good for fetal development and condition.

What the Fetus Can Be Hearing

Towards the end of the 5-month pregnancy period, experts believe the fetus can receive sensory information that can then be responded to and remembered at some level.
In addition to heartbeat, breath, sounds of blood flow, and digestive tract, the fetus can begin to hear sounds from outside the mother’s body. The possibility of the fetus can recognize and feel comfortable when hearing it again after birth.

Fetal heart rate can increase when he hears music. Once born, the baby can respond when the music is played regularly. Music is considered to make mom feel relaxed and encourage the same feelings when it is played to newborns. Some babies will react by stopping crying, opening their eyes, or doing little movement.

A study revealed that babies who played lullabies during the late pregnancy, the reaction of brain activity is higher than the newborn after birth. This justifies the possibility of the fetus being able to hear in the stomach, but does not prove the exposure of music since in the womb can improve the ability of the hearing system or brain development after birth.

Do not exaggerate

Not infrequently pregnant women try to provide music stimulation by attaching headphones to the stomach. However, it is feared it can actually stimulate the fetus excessively, especially if the volume is high.Several studies have revealed that the noise that is played in the fetus for a long time can precipitate premature birth, low weight, to hearing loss in infants after birth.

The recommended sound for the volume that pregnant women hear is about 65 decibels. If the music will be heard for a longer time, the volume set is recommended below 50 decibels. This level is generally applied to intensive care space for newborns. Although it has not been proven to improve the intelligence of the baby, listening to music in babies save the possibility to help him know and interact with you. In addition, music can reduce stress in pregnant women and deepen the instinct of motherhood.