History of pop music

Pop music, pop music history, pop music bands, pop music pioneers music is the universal language, that’s what a lot of people say and also for music lovers to say, but do all friends have known the history of the music? Some may already know, but there are some people who do not know the history of the music. Music itself is divided into several genres, one of which is the pop genre.

The word pop, originally derived from the word popular and abbreviated to pop, pop music genre emerged the range of 1950, where originally popular music originated in the modern form derived from rock and roll and other genres. This pop music genre adapts from a variety of streams, such as dance, rock, country and more so the pop music genre is said to be a commercial genre because it aims to attract audiences.

It is lawrence alloway, a fine art observer who has introduced the term pop. Until the 1920s until 1940, pop music grew into one of the most popular genres of music around the world with various streams of music adapted to it, such as rhumba and samba.

The 19th century range, offset by the waning start of the era of rock and roll, pop music became one of the highly profitable music industries in the united states. Some of the world’s most popular pop music legends that are still popular are the beatles and rolling stones. In the 1960s the beatles with several other pop artists such as frankie avalon, bob dylan, marvin gaye, sonny and cher, aretha franklin created an easy listening pop music history by mixing elements, such as blues, rock,

In the 1970s, several musicians began to combine the flow of pop with other streams, such as disco and rock, one of the musicians who mixed the flow of pop with disco or rock is earth wind & fire. Until the year afterwards was born a variety of musicians who popularize this pop music genre by combining with the flow of other musical genres. Like green day, the offspring, blink 182, which introduced pop music in the 1990s with the pop punk music stream. In addition there jewel, nirvana, eric clapton, tori amos will feel once the flow of rock on their pop music. Until the 20th century, pop music genre is still one of the genres most often heard by some music lovers.