Dangdut music typical indonesia

Dangdut music has become one of the most beautiful music in the homeland, dangdut music used to be said to be plebeian music but now not in the eyes of one eye again, now dangdut has become the music industry in the country, can be seen from the show A television busy playing music.

Dangdut name itself is taken from onomatope or word imitating sound from the sound of the game of tabla which in dangdut world called drum. The sound of kendang is a unique characteristic and musical identity.

Dangdut music should be recognized as the most popular music by the people of the country. It’s just dangdut in the eyes of some people have a negative side, ranging from the so-called plebeian music, instrumental players are considered not creative until the singer who only take advantage of sexy body. So is it true that angry allegations? Is dangdut music really obsessed era?

Actually all the letters about this type of music is just a mere opinion, because if viewed with a broader view of the facts dangdut music has many advantages. What are some dangdut music facts that are sometimes forgotten by some people.

Original Indonesia

Among all types of music in the world then dangdut music is music that can only be found in Indonesia. Dangdut music is very typical music with Indonesia even this music is music created by musicians homeland.

In its development dangdut began to evolve from the influence of some music from other countries such as Indian to Arabic music is very distinctive with the bend.

Not Everyone Can Play

Some people judge if music dangdut music players just average match the differences with famous musicians. Indeed, dangdut musicians like drums, flutes, guitars and drums are not as popular as some country bands, but do not judge if they do not have the skills.

Even the dangdut instrument players have a skill that is not inferior to other musicians even in fact not easy to play dangdut musical instruments. For example, drums, musical instrument this one is not only the origin of the beat but there must be a rhythm that fits in order to adjust to other musical instruments. Not to mention drums demanding his players to be able to play it with all members of the body.

 Can Entry All Types of Instruments

The irrefutable fact is dangdut music can embrace all types of musical instruments. Starting from modern to traditional though. Whether it’s gamelan, angklung, flute, guitar, drums and even DJ instruments can even unite with dangdut music. It is hardly found in other types of music.

Must Have High Vocal Technique

It must be admitted that today there are many dangdut singers who do not really have vocal qualities, even to gain the popularity of physical form until the “special” shake should be done.

This is actually not without reason because dangdut music songs are not easy rather than just singing like karaoke. The reason singing dangdut songs that demand the singer is very suitable to be played not only flat.